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Analog and Mixed signal Verification (AMS)

This post is meant for the VLSI designers (especially front-end).

Mixed signal Verification is something still evolving and the methodology is not yet established. Having worked on AMS Verification, for the last one year, I have decidedto share some thoughts on the methodology and stuff.

Following is a ppt with an overview of mixed signal Verification.

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Google logos

I was having this boring time trying to debug some testcases (office work) and not able to reach a conclusion. I was then fiddling around and got this idea of collecting the google logos on important days for the last year…Having some aesthetic interest, I was always impressed by the way google represented the spirit of various important days through its logos (or doodles as they are called)…

here are a few of them from the last year for you all….njoi!!!

Jan 1st - New Year
jan 4th Newton's B'day
Jan 14th - Sankranthi/Pongal


Jan 26 - republic DayFeb 8 - Jules Vernon (Science Fiction books author)
Feb 8 - Jules Verna (renowned science fiction novelist)
Feb 11th - Edison's B'dayFeb 14th - Valentines day
Mar 1 HOLI
April 22 - Earth Day
Aprl 24 - Hubble Telescope
May 1 - Labor day
May 9 - Mother's day
May 21 - PACMAN
Sep 30 - Flintstones Anniv
Nov 8 - X-Rays Discovery
Nov 14th - Childrens day
Dec 21 - Happy Holidays
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World Vision –

Today I was trying to re-arrange my office desk and I see this pic with a smiling face of the kid I have been sponsoring since the last two years…it really feels nice that this kid somewhere in some part of the country is getting benefitted because of me.

There was a time when I never believed in sponsorships and donations. I always felt that money is not the way of helping people, but  I should be personally doing something for them. I was right to some extent, but then I spent almost 4 years (after making a job – after becoming self-sufficient enough to be able to help others) trying to figure out how to do that, finally ending up doing nothing.

Then I found out about this site – and started the sponsorship… it is just 600/- per month and this money would be used for the kid’s education. The thing I liked about this organization is that the kids stay with their families and the organization aims at improving the conditions of the community as a whole. Our sponsorship goes in the education of the kid. We can always visit the child at their place and every year we get a progress report of the child. Now after two years, I feel good. The most important thing we would like to do is to secure the child’s future – and the best way is good education. There is no denying that money is most important – as nothing comes free in this world.

 Now I started believing in the concept of sponsorship. If the little amount you give can bring a notable change in someone’s life, then why not??  Most of us are busy with our daily chores, office burdens and domestic pressures to find time spend time for such activities. If somewhere deep down in the heart if we have this feeling that we want to change someone’s life, I would say this is a good way… I was able to convince my sister to donate … I hope many more join..

 This is just one of the many ways in which we can help needy ppl… If any of you are following any other ways in your neighborhood – feel free to share.