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Google logos

I was having this boring time trying to debug some testcases (office work) and not able to reach a conclusion. I was then fiddling around and got this idea of collecting the google logos on important days for the last year…Having some aesthetic interest, I was always impressed by the way google represented the spirit of various important days through its logos (or doodles as they are called)…

here are a few of them from the last year for you all….njoi!!!

Jan 1st - New Year
jan 4th Newton's B'day
Jan 14th - Sankranthi/Pongal


Jan 26 - republic DayFeb 8 - Jules Vernon (Science Fiction books author)
Feb 8 - Jules Verna (renowned science fiction novelist)
Feb 11th - Edison's B'dayFeb 14th - Valentines day
Mar 1 HOLI
April 22 - Earth Day
Aprl 24 - Hubble Telescope
May 1 - Labor day
May 9 - Mother's day
May 21 - PACMAN
Sep 30 - Flintstones Anniv
Nov 8 - X-Rays Discovery
Nov 14th - Childrens day
Dec 21 - Happy Holidays

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