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Amma’s recipes

Hi frenz…

got the treasure book of recipes of  Mom when we went home for Ugadi!! Will be posting all the recipes one by one in the days to come (either in my blog or my sister’s – sagifun)…watch out for some lip-smacking, delicious and authentic recipes….enjoi!!!!

Here’s the first one –


Ingredients :

Ragi seeds


raw cocunut


cashew, kismis, (pacha karpuram)

Procedure :

1. Ragi seeds are to be soaked and tied in a cloth the day before preparation, to let them sprout

2. The sprouted ragi seeds and coconut to be mixced in a mixer.

3. This is to be mixed with milk, along with sugar and heated on a low flame for 5 mins.

4. This can be garnished with cashew, kismis (fried in ghee) and served hot or cold.


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