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Tirumala Darshanam

We went to Tirupathi last Monday with parents for the Darshanam. There is one thing which has got imprinted on my mind more than the Lord himself – THE CHAOS and the STAMPEDE in the queue, even after reaching the Sanctum Sanctorum. Each and everyone with us were very disappointed with the Management system.

After crossing the Silver Door (Silver Dwaram), the queue vanishes for a while before it starts again at a this point, the queue is bi-directional and the flow is controlled. So when there are people out of the temple, the people waiting in the queue to enter the Sanctum Sanctorum are made to wait. Since the Queue breaks in between, a huge crowd gets formed at this point, people pushing each other to reach the front. Once the Queue is allowed, there is huge pushing and literally a stampede. We have witnessed a kid getting stuck in the stampede only to be rescued by another devotee luckily on time. The security just seems to passive, having fun watching the drama. The devotees, each of them want to be the first one to see the Lord and seem to lose all common-sense in the process. There are elder people and kids who are stuck and affected due to this.  For me, the scene looked as if some flood affected victims were fighting for food. Here, it is the people starving for the Lord’s Darshan fighting for it. Probably, the temple management should show some respect to the Devotees. The security personnel turn a deaf ear to the complaints of the people in the queue.

Who is to be blamed???  The Devotees themselves probably. But then, can something be done??? Yes, definitely!!! by the temple management. Why dont they have a continuous queue system, particularly a Single Queue –  so that people do not have the chance to push and try to jump the queue. This way people will be promised a peaceful Darshan of the Lord. Agreed – this may delay the Darshan flow. But then, am sure people would be ready to wait for a day more given that they will have a peaceful Darshan of the Lord. There are people travelling from different parts of the country just to have a glimpse of the Lord. I feel they deserve a peaceful experience.



One thought on “Tirumala Darshanam

  1. No way, the management will never change…
    Even the people will never change.
    When I visited last time, a person is pushing all the people after entering, he has awaited 8hours spending in the queue, Can’t he wait 5mins to get a peaceful darshan.
    To think that the people might change is a waste, even the generations change. There’ll Be no change………


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