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Rain Rain come again !!!

It is raining cats and dogs in Bangalore nowadays. It is chaos everywhere. Roads filled with water, traffic jams everywhere.People reaching late to office and reaching home even late in the evenings, cursing the rains for disrupting their normal routines. Well !! A bit frustrating but then there is a section of people genuinely enjoying the rains – the kids.

Today while I was driving to office on my two-wheeler, painstakingly taking care not to spoil my dress (yes!! I guess that is the top priority for all the girls), I noticed two kids playing outside their house ( or may be I should call it a hut). The road was flooded, the waters trying to engulf a part of the house too. But then the kids were innocently unaware and happily playing with paper boats in the rain water. What an innocence!!! That scene brought back to me memories of my childhood. 

In my hometown, we lived in a small house. When it rains, me and my sister used to go to the terrace and fool around, until mom came searching for us. Then mom would make paper boats to keep us occupied. We used to sit at the portico and race our boats in the small stream of water flowing below.  Meanwhile mom used to make hot-hot bajjis or pakoras for us. Maggi (noodles) was not yet born those days 🙂 . After rain, we used to collect the wet mud and mom used to teach us to make objects out of it.

Gone are those wonderful days!! Now we live in apartments, where only few lucky ones get to see the rain, forget about playing in the rain and enjoying it. Most of the apartments nowadays, have gigantic roofs covering the entire apartment to “protect” the houses from rain and sun. Unless your apartment is facing the road, the other apartments just get to hear the rain and not see it. What a pity!!!

In this daily din and bustle of life, we are missing a lot of beautiful experiences. Time to do something about it!!!


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