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Republic day celebrations

Firstly, Wish you all a Happy Republic Day!!!

The Best thing I like about this day is the Republic day parade. I remember watching it on this day everytime since my childhood without fail.

So today again, me and my sister were glued to the Doordarshan channel as soon as we got up from bed. I just love to watch the parade of the army, border security force, CISF and other military personal. Each time I cant help but feel overwhelmed with gratefulness to these great soldiers who brave all odds and fight their lives so that millions of other people of our country can sleep in peace.

Me and my sister were literally in tears when the Ashok Chakra was being awarded to the Late Lt. Navdeep Singh, when his father proudly stepped on the podium to receive it on his son’s behalf and his mother was silently crying sitting in the audience.

I really salute all these soldiers for their courage and unselfish love towards the country.

Now, coming back to the parade, I also love watching the tablaeus of various states and each of the ministry. The part I absolutely love is the the wonderful display by the Air force and the cool stunts by men on bikes.

Altogether, it was awesome watching the entire republic day celebrations. Looking forward to watch it next year 🙂

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Kim Hyung Joong

One of my most favourite sketch…. Kim Hyung Joong as Ji Hoo Sunbae of Boys Over Flowers…

Anyone who has seen this korean drama cannot help but fall in love with the beautiful Ji Hoo Sunbae….

Apart from looks, he is a super dancer, awesome singer and beautiful human being…. This sketch is for him….oppa…saranghae!!!


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Fox Rain – Korean OST Lyrics

Love the lyrics and the music…beautiful song

< “

sarangeul ajik nan mollaseo
I still don’t understand love

deoneun gakkai motgayo
So I can’t get any closer

geunde wae jakkuman motnan nae simjangeun
But why does my foolish heart

keep pounding?

nan dangsini jakkuman barphyeoseo
I’m haunted by you again and again

geunyang gal sudo eomneyo
I just can’t get away

irueojil su do eomneun i sarange
This hopeless love

nae mami neomu apayo
Hurts my heart so much

haruga gago bami omyeon
Going from day to night

nan ontong dangsin saenggakppunijyo
You’re all I think about

hansimseureopgo babo gateun nal
Being so pitiful and silly

eotteoke haeya joheulkkayo
What should I do?

maeumi sarangeul ttareuni
The heart follows love

naega mwol hal su innayo
What am I going to do?

irueojil sudo eomneun i sarange
This hopeless love

nae mami neomu apayo
Hurts my heart so much

Dubirubiru dubirubiru

Dubirubiru dubirubiru…~

haruga gago bami omyeon
Going from day to night

nan ontong dangsin saenggakppunijyo
You’re all I think about

hansimseureopgo babo gateun nal
Being so pitiful and silly

eotteoke haeya hanayo
What should I do?

nae apeumi mudyeojyeo beoril nari
The day when my pain fades away

eonjejjeum naege ogin halkkayo
Will that day ever come?

hansimseureopgo babo gateun nal
Being so pitiful and silly

eotteokhae haran maringayo
What can I do after all?

dalbichi neomuna johaseo
The moonlight is so beautiful

geunyang gal suga eomneyo
I just can’t get away

dangsin gyeote jamsi nuwo isseulgeyo
Let me lie down by your side for a moment

jamsiman aju jamsiman
A moment, just a moment

Dubirubiru dubirubiru

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Tatkal woes

Early in the morning today, I wakeup with the urge to kill the person who has created the new Tatkal scheme of railway ticket reservation. The new fancy scheme has the tatkal opening just one day before the desired date.

It says that all the agents will not be allowed to do the bookings from 8:00 to 10:00. Does it really matter??    The most frustrating part is the irctc website doesnt open till 8:30am and all the tatkal tickets are over by that time.

It is irritating and frustrating to keep trying to reload the irctc webpage when at the same time you see that the availability keeps reducing before your own eyes (view availability through and you are just helpless. The funniest part is in the first 10 minutes, the availability falls from 100 to 60 and the number decreases exponentially.

Now, what is the point of this tatkal scheme. How is it helping the common man?? I dont understand what the Government is gaining by troubling the passengers. I remember when Lalu was the Railway minister, he had the tatkal open one week in advance and the number of tatkal tickets were also more. I am not very sure about the downside of this scheme, but then I personally felt it to be very user-friendly. I never had to worry about looking for other means of transport when there was any last minute travel plans. I was always assured a railway ticket through tatkal.  Gone are those days!!!

Now I cant even imagine to get a tatkal ticket. The availability closes by 8:30, by the time my internet explorer loads the site.

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I am Number Four

Yesterday, I have finished reading the book – ” I am Number Four” by Pittacus Lore. All through, while reading the book I was trying to visualize how this would look if it was made into a movie (Yes…Yes… I know that there is a movie already..but I haven’t watched it). So, I was imagining Keanu Reeves as the lead actor all through 🙂

So here is a summary of the plot.

The story is about the clash between the inhabitants of two planets – Lorien and Mogadorians. Mogadorians have destroyed their own planet with their flimsy life habits. They then target to take over Lorien (a neighbouring planet) which is rich with lush green forests and exotic species. In the war against Mogadorians, Loriens lose and the entire planet turns to ashes. But then, Nine kids with special talents (known as Garde) are identified and sent along with their keepers (known as Cepan) secretly to Earth, with a hope that they would develop their special legacies and destroy the Mogadorians and re-establish their planet.

The story starts with Number three being killed. The legacy binds all the 9 teens together is a bond, in that they can be killed only in the order of their numbers. If any number is killed, a scar would be formed on the ankle of others to let them know of the killing. Knowing that number three is killed, he realizes that he is next.

Number four, aliased as John Smith enters a new town along with his keeper, Henri. They do not stay for more than couple of years in each town for the fear of getting identified by the Mogadorians. In the school in the new town, John falls in love with Sarah Hart and eventually develops rivalry with Mark, her ex-boyfriend. Meanwhile he also starts developing his legacies (where he can emit light from his palms and control light). The legacy also makes him invincible to fire or heat. He also finds a dog which approaches him and he keeps it as his pet.

In the school, he comes across Sam, his class mate who is crazy about science fiction and learns through him that Mogadorians are on the prowl on Earth. On an unfortunate day, at a party at Mark’s, the house catches fire and in a bid to save Sarah, John uses his powers and jumps down a window unscratched. This gets reported on the local news paper and the Mogadorians finally locate him.

John finally discloses to Sam that he is an alien and explains him the entire situation. Sam believes him and offers help to fight the Mogadorians. Sarah offers to show them a spot in the school where they can hide and be safe. Thus Sam, Henri, Mark, Sarah and John end up together in the school waiting for the Mogadorians to attack them. Then comes Number 6 to help them with the war (she has the legacy to be able disappear). Also, Henri has an ancient chest with him which can be opened only when both John and Henri open it together. It has a healing stone which is used during the war to cure them of their mortal wounds.

The dog which John has, turns out to be another creature from Lorien which has reached Earth along with John himself in the same space-ship. The dog can shape-shift and it helps John with the war. In the process John realizes his another legacy that he can communicate with animals through telepathy. Using this, he turns a monster of Mogadorians against themselves and thus destroys them. Henri dies in the process of the war.

The story ends with John bidding farewell to Sarah promising that he would be back someday and that he loves her forever. Sarah agrees to let him go and promises that she will be waiting for him.

The story and the narration are beautiful and the concept of human-alien love will always be liked by all romantic-fiction-lovers.

Now, I am planning to watch the movie. Those who haven’t read this, go ahead and read the book. Have fun !!!

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Perception of God

While I was reading this book – “Immortals of Meluha” , I was captivated by the way the author has portrayed the main character Shiva and the plot surrounding him. I was in love with the story and started admiring and worshiping Lord Shiva even more. I would love to believe that this is the true story of Lord Shiva – of his journey until he became the eternal master of the universe (MahaDev).

Looking back, of all the puranas and scriptures that were written about Gods and their stories, I somehow feel if they adopted this style of narration – where God is yet another human without any super powers, it would reach even more hearts and minds. Let me add a disclaimer here – I am absolutely religious and follow each and every God of all the 3 crore Hindu deities and even Gods of other religions.So, this doesn’t mean I am a non-believer.

Of all the stories that I have read or heard till now, there is not much I know about the life/journey of Lord Shiva. He is considered to be the Mahadev known to exist even before the universe existed. Great! That sounds divine and awe-inspiring.But what if the story was told this way, that he endured lot of hardships and with his hard work and skill, he became the Mahadev – now, that sounds even more convincing and motivating.

The stories of Lord Rama or Lord Krishna are very close to this concept. There are two ways in which this can be perceived –

the most popular perspective –  that since Lord Rama is a re-incarnation of Lord Vishnu, he was able to perform so many good deeds and be a role-model for future generations,

But then, I would like to think it this way – since he was such a perfect human being and because of all the good deeds he performed along with the hardships he endured, he came to worshipped as God. Doesn’t that sound better???

Whether it is Rama or Krishna or Jesus or Allah or Buddha…it is the same story of self-belief and determination to fight against evil –  retold in different ways.

Earlier I was reading a blog on perception and interpretation ( ).

Probably, this is what it is.

If I were to give my opinion, I would encourage people to think this way.

-> Worship Gods for all that they have endured and for the great deeds they have performed.

-> Draw inspiration from them that one can also achieve the same with hard work.Learn to believe in one’s self.

-> Pray to them to provide us also with the same strength and determination.

-> Do not go to them asking them to use their super powers and resolve your problems, without us putting any effort into it.

Simple it is !!!

PS: This blog doesn’t mean any offence to other beliefs. It can be considered as my personal opinion and my way of seeing things.