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Perception of God

While I was reading this book – “Immortals of Meluha” , I was captivated by the way the author has portrayed the main character Shiva and the plot surrounding him. I was in love with the story and started admiring and worshiping Lord Shiva even more. I would love to believe that this is the true story of Lord Shiva – of his journey until he became the eternal master of the universe (MahaDev).

Looking back, of all the puranas and scriptures that were written about Gods and their stories, I somehow feel if they adopted this style of narration – where God is yet another human without any super powers, it would reach even more hearts and minds. Let me add a disclaimer here – I am absolutely religious and follow each and every God of all the 3 crore Hindu deities and even Gods of other religions.So, this doesn’t mean I am a non-believer.

Of all the stories that I have read or heard till now, there is not much I know about the life/journey of Lord Shiva. He is considered to be the Mahadev known to exist even before the universe existed. Great! That sounds divine and awe-inspiring.But what if the story was told this way, that he endured lot of hardships and with his hard work and skill, he became the Mahadev – now, that sounds even more convincing and motivating.

The stories of Lord Rama or Lord Krishna are very close to this concept. There are two ways in which this can be perceived –

the most popular perspective –  that since Lord Rama is a re-incarnation of Lord Vishnu, he was able to perform so many good deeds and be a role-model for future generations,

But then, I would like to think it this way – since he was such a perfect human being and because of all the good deeds he performed along with the hardships he endured, he came to worshipped as God. Doesn’t that sound better???

Whether it is Rama or Krishna or Jesus or Allah or Buddha…it is the same story of self-belief and determination to fight against evil –  retold in different ways.

Earlier I was reading a blog on perception and interpretation ( ).

Probably, this is what it is.

If I were to give my opinion, I would encourage people to think this way.

-> Worship Gods for all that they have endured and for the great deeds they have performed.

-> Draw inspiration from them that one can also achieve the same with hard work.Learn to believe in one’s self.

-> Pray to them to provide us also with the same strength and determination.

-> Do not go to them asking them to use their super powers and resolve your problems, without us putting any effort into it.

Simple it is !!!

PS: This blog doesn’t mean any offence to other beliefs. It can be considered as my personal opinion and my way of seeing things.



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