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Tatkal woes

Early in the morning today, I wakeup with the urge to kill the person who has created the new Tatkal scheme of railway ticket reservation. The new fancy scheme has the tatkal opening just one day before the desired date.

It says that all the agents will not be allowed to do the bookings from 8:00 to 10:00. Does it really matter??    The most frustrating part is the irctc website doesnt open till 8:30am and all the tatkal tickets are over by that time.

It is irritating and frustrating to keep trying to reload the irctc webpage when at the same time you see that the availability keeps reducing before your own eyes (view availability through and you are just helpless. The funniest part is in the first 10 minutes, the availability falls from 100 to 60 and the number decreases exponentially.

Now, what is the point of this tatkal scheme. How is it helping the common man?? I dont understand what the Government is gaining by troubling the passengers. I remember when Lalu was the Railway minister, he had the tatkal open one week in advance and the number of tatkal tickets were also more. I am not very sure about the downside of this scheme, but then I personally felt it to be very user-friendly. I never had to worry about looking for other means of transport when there was any last minute travel plans. I was always assured a railway ticket through tatkal.  Gone are those days!!!

Now I cant even imagine to get a tatkal ticket. The availability closes by 8:30, by the time my internet explorer loads the site.


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