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Republic day celebrations

Firstly, Wish you all a Happy Republic Day!!!

The Best thing I like about this day is the Republic day parade. I remember watching it on this day everytime since my childhood without fail.

So today again, me and my sister were glued to the Doordarshan channel as soon as we got up from bed. I just love to watch the parade of the army, border security force, CISF and other military personal. Each time I cant help but feel overwhelmed with gratefulness to these great soldiers who brave all odds and fight their lives so that millions of other people of our country can sleep in peace.

Me and my sister were literally in tears when the Ashok Chakra was being awarded to the Late Lt. Navdeep Singh, when his father proudly stepped on the podium to receive it on his son’s behalf and his mother was silently crying sitting in the audience.

I really salute all these soldiers for their courage and unselfish love towards the country.

Now, coming back to the parade, I also love watching the tablaeus of various states and each of the ministry. The part I absolutely love is the the wonderful display by the Air force and the cool stunts by men on bikes.

Altogether, it was awesome watching the entire republic day celebrations. Looking forward to watch it next year 🙂


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