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Childhood games

Today on the way to office, I saw couple of kids playing on the streets which reminded me of my childhood. Me and my sister had a gap of just 2 yrs and so, she was always my play-companion. Still, we had a large group of friends with whom we used to play all sorts of games. As soon as we were back from school, we used to run downstairs to play with friends. But the time my youngest sister came, the tradition was gone. Kids never came out and played. They were busy with home-works or computer games…a pity!!

Here are some of the games that I can remember. I am sure these games are universal 🙂

Hopscotch –  There was a time of the year when hopscotch fever would catch up everyone..The object which we used to use to drop, we used to call it “chippi”. It is nothing but a small piece of broken tile. We were crazy about these “chippi”s and used to really prize their possession. There was also the part where the losing person should hand over their chippi to the winner. The person with the most number of “chippis” is the winner. I still remember mom getting irritated with loads and loads of these useless stones which we used to collect and also safely treasure.

Thief-police – This was one of my favorites where a set of people become the police and another set – the thieves. The thieves are supposed to hide and run away and the police are to catch them. Then there was the part where we used to add a bit of story-line to the game –  of how the thieves steal something in the police station itself and how the police are happily asleep without noticing this and how the chase begins. There were strategies made on how to catch the thieves, or how to escape the police…Brings in the creativity of the kids too..

Hide and seek – Another favourite of mine, which I was always bad at though. The denner counts till 50, and meanwhile all the players have to go and hide. The denner has to seek each of them and once everyone is found, the game is over. The person who was found out first becomes the seeker again.

Help – Another fun game which also makes kids learn about helping people at the same time not putting one’s self in jeopardy. There is a denner and then the players are odd in number. The concept is the denner comes looking to catch someone, and the players are safe as long as they have a partner. So, the person left alone shouts for “help” and then someone from the secure pair gives up their partner to save this person. Then the denner goes to catch the other left-out person who in turn keeps running trying to escape the denner and also asking for help at the same time.

Catch n cook – not sure why it is called that way, but thatz how we used to call it. It’s the basic catching game..full of enery and full of fun

Land and water –  In this game, the entire space is divided into land  and water…the denner gets to chose whether he wants land or water. The players then have to move on the denner’s territory without getting caught ..they are safe as long as they are in their territory.. We had some quirky quotes also to tease the denner …don’t ask me what they mean… “aloo ka paratha…chapathi ka ooo..” and in telugu we used to say “ni nelantha arigi karigi poindi le (meaning your areas is becoming worn out…”

London statue – a fun game where the players have to remain as statues without moving and the denner has to observe and catch the person who even moves a bit…we used to have fun giving different poses when the denner says “London Statue”

Color-color – This was another fun game which I absolutely loved… The denner randomly gives a name of the color and all the players have to catch some object with that color. If they fail to catch something, the denner has a chance to catch that person . Once he gets caught, he becomes the next denner. Simple and fun way for kids to learn about colors.

There are other fun games like computer, fire on the mountain, word building, country building, gilli danda, kabaddi, kho-kho, oranges and lemon, ring-a-ring of roses, teacher-teacher, doctor-doctor, kitchen set, marbles game…i can just go on and on…then there are the indoor games like monopoly, caroms, chess, brainvita….wow..looking back, I sure had lots of fun…

so..parents now should take it on them, to introduce their childhood games to their kids. Outdoor activity is very good to make them sharper. Otherwise they are going to miss a lot of fun. “Why should only we have all the fun…..let today’s kids also have them 🙂 “


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