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Dream come true – Sonu Niigam Live in Bangalore!!!

Yesterday evening was when my Dream came true…I always wanted to see and hear Sonu Niigaam Live..atleast once in my life time…and my wish came true yesterday when we went to see his Live Concert in Bangalore.

It was during my college days that I first listened to his songs…with his album “Deewana” – you can say I became one…Instantly fell in love with his voice….There is sooo much feel in his voice that I never felt in any other voice till then..I love all his songs…Any type of it classical, romantic, melody or fast number he simply outperfoms…

I was all excited to watch and hear him live… The whole place was jam-packed with people..Wow!!! when he entered, the whole stadium burst out with cheers and screams of people…his fans!!!  It was wat u call “screaming your hearts out”… It was amazing…he sang all the beautiful songs and also made the audience sing with him….2 hours just flew away without our knowledge.. It was awesome!!!  I am still not able to get over that frenzy… Cant stop smiling to myself….

Now that this wish of mine is granted…I think I can make another wish 😛 …to be able to meet him in person and talk to him…. God!!! u r hearing me now, right!!!

till then…Long Live Sonu Niigam!!! you are absolutely talented and wonderful…. You deserve all the best things in life!!!


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