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Mood off ??!! 10 simple ways to snap out of it….

Nowadays, life is exceptionally stressful for each and everyone. Whatever the reason be – stress at work, stress at home or personal issues all of us go through these series of mood swings.. There are times, when we feel mood off and do not actually know the reason behind. But then, think about it, why would you want to waste so many hours just wallowing…Life is precious and no reason however big it might be has the right to take it away from us… Here are some tips which I use to lift up my mood when I feel let down…

  • Cry your heart out – If something is bothering you too much, don’t hold it in. Cry your heart out until there is no more burden remaining in your heart. Now try doing any of the below mentioned ideas and see how your mood soars-up.



  • Sleep over the cause – Best way of escaping the gloom. Tell yourself that you will think about the matter later and happily take a nice nap. You will feel absolutely refreshed after a nice sound sleep.



  • Treat yourself – If something/someone has upset you, so you really have to waste your time for that. Agreed!! You do feel bad about it..So how about do something good for yourself. Do anything you like.  For girls, shopping always comes to rescue. You need not shell money, go out, do window shopping…try out new dresses and even if you just buy cheap junk stuff…it will still make you happy (experience speaks!!!)                                            If you are a food junkie…for once forget about the carbs and treats yourself to your favourite dish – be it burgers, pizzas, icecreams, biryani…wat not!!!


  • Chocolate – Yes..a separate bullet for chocolate itself..Chocolate does help a lot in elevating the mood. Indulge in the sinful chocolate and see how all your worries will vanish in a jiffy..



  • Music – If you are a music lover, you have music to the rescue. Its true that music can heal, given that you have the “ear for it”. Listen to your favorite music…you would be mesmerized and immersed in its glory that rest of the worldly issues would seem microscopic..



Books – If you are a book-lover, then pick the right book for you and get immersed in it. Make sure you don’t pick a book dealing with story similar to your current situation, so that you don’t end up again thinking about it. Best choice according to me would be works of fiction or suspense or detective novels.



  • Movies – Another good friend of everyone is “movies”. Pick your favorite movie and enjoy it. I prefer watching comedy or rom-coms – you place yourselves in the protagonists’ characters and laugh along with them. Laugh out loud and let out all the stress.


Hobbies – Remind yourselves of your hobbies, there is a reason they are your hobbies – you loving pursuing them. So go for it – be it painting, drawing, singing, playing, gardening, cooking, reading, writing/blogging, browsing…. Wow!!! There are sooo many options…



  • Meet-up with friends – Spend time with your buddies (need not be just your friends…it can be your parents or kids too)….Try to forget about this issue and concentrate on just having fun..It works!!!



Visit an orphanage/old age home – Another effective option – visit an orphanage/old age home…spend some time with them…try identifying with their issue and try to appreciate the way they are living happily inspite of the troubles. Try doing something meaningful – donating money or food or simply spending time with them, listening to them, playing with kids, teaching them…you will feel happy, satisfied and without your knowledge absolutely forget about your worries.


Next time you feel down….try these out and cheer-up. Life is too short to waste time in worrying…


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