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My sketch of Bella Swan



My attempt to sketch the sweet and strong Bella Swan of Twilight Saga…I have become a huge fan of the twilight saga and the beautiful + complicated love story it narrates…I was always fascinated by the character of Bella….


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My poetry ..which I wrote during school days (posted in my sister’s blog)…reblogging it to save time ūüôā Thank you sis for posting it…


The sun hides behind the mountains
when she comes with all the fountains

he is ashamed of her enchanting beauty
and so he hides as if it is his duty

then she comes with her beautiful black hair
which spreads all over the sky here and there

she is dressed in a beautiful black robe
which is studded with the stars all in a row

she is like a beautiful bride
lowering her head with coyness and shy

But Alas! I cannot see her face
covered with the veil, with the stars as the lace

When the clock strikes five
she moves away with shy
but don’t be disappointed
she will be there again when the sun has set

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Korean Obsession

Nowadays I have become completely obsessed with anything that is Korean.. The first time I watched a korean drama, I instantly fell in love with the language and the people.. One amazing thing is that every person is so talented..every actor/actress whom I come across is either a singer or a musician along with being an actor..

“Playful Kiss” was the first drama I watched, thanks to my lil sis..The language sounded very close to heart and all the characters were sooo cutee…After that drama, I dint look back…I watched sooo many korean dramas till now and loved allll of them…

Am not sure if it is the choice of dramas, but all of them are soo cutee…everyone is soo nice and caring ..I have started understanding the language too(bit-by-bit)….I really love the sound of korean…I have got soo used to it that I started using the language (whatever little I know) with my sister at home…chinchayo (meaning really in korean ūüėõ )…I would love to learn the language and be able to speak it frequently one day…

I have also become a huge fan of K-Pop (esp Kim Hyung Joong)…Really love their music…So now there is one new goal of mine…to save enough money to visit South korea and watch any live show of K-Pop stars…My sister is also with me, though not as crazy as me…There are a list of places we would like to visit – Jeju Island, Nam San Tower, Han River…

Now coming to language, here are some of the words I learnt from korean dramas….

hangul -korean, chib – home, kamane – stop , dhedanatha – great, chemi – fun

bichin – crazy, bichasso – are you crazy??, chugulle – wanna die??, nappunnu – bad person

yobuseyo Рhello  (on phone) , annyonghaseyo/anniyo Рhello, ososeyo Рwelcome

kumao/ kamsahmida/ kumasammida – Thanks, Meanne/Chesoamminda – Sorry,

Vey/Veyo -why, bo – what, boya – what is it/what doing, kha – go, khaja – lets go, dugu – who

busun maariya – what are u saying, palli – fast, chigum – now, chum – little, aara / arasso – understand

irona – wake up, cha – sleep, mokko – eat, chal mokku, chal jha – eat well, sleep well, maashikta – delecious

namja Рboy, nyoja Рgirl, ajushi Рman,  ajumoni Рwoman, oppa РDear

unni – elder sister adressed by a girl, hyung – elder brother, noona – elder sister addressed by a guy, dongsaeng – younger brother

omma – mom, appa – dad, kumonim – aunt, haraboji – grandpa, haramoni – grandmom

oeidi – where, yogi-kogi – here nd there, isso – is there

mulla/mollaso (pronounced as bulla) – dont know, kuyopta – cute, ippada/ippo – beautiful,

saram – person, saranghae – love , jhua – like, shiro – hate (also used to say dont want something)

dey/ye/ney – yes, aani – no, kure – ok, I – da/na, you – do , me too – da thoo ,

chongmaleyo – really??, chincha – really, tu – again, boshiktha – cool

ottukke / ottukkaji – wat to do , kinchana – are you ok/I am ok

vekure – why r u doing this

dorebang – karaoke


Wow!! not bad…I knw a lot of words….

I will be back with a post completely in korean, once I learn it… till then, kidaaryoo…aja..aja…fighting!!!! ūüôā

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Happy Women’s day!!

While the whole world is celebrating women’s day, there is still a bunch a people debating why women need a separate day to celebrate, when men and women are competing to be equal…hmm…may be…But then I truly feel women have come a long way from what we are now. I have heard from my elders how women were restricted to home in olden days prevented from studying, even from going out of home. Now women have become independent and strong enough to work on par with the male counter-parts.

As the saying goes – “the hand that rocks the cradle rules the world…”¬† every woman is responsible in making this world a beautiful place…Celebrating the beauty of womanhood – Happy Women’s day!!!

Owing to this women’s day, here are some of the women I look up to (from India)..

She needs no introduction….Epitome of kindness..Mother Theresa…

The first Indian-born woman to go into space – Kalpana Chawla

The first woman President of India – Pratibha Patil

CEO of PEPSI COLA CO – Indira Nooyi

CEO & MD of ICICI Bank – Chanda Kochhar

Social Activist and Founder of SEWA – working towards a greater cause – Elaben Bhatt

Social Activist and Retired IPS officer – Kiran Bedi

The Nightingale of India – awesome singer – Lata Mangeshkar

Discus thrower and gold medalist at Common Wealth games – Krishna Poonia

young Badminton prodigy ranked third in the world – Saina Nehwal

Lok Sabha Speaker – Dymaic personality strong enough to manage the house – Meira Kumar

Super woman single handedly ruling the nation (UPA chairman) – Sonia Gandhi

Tamil Nadu Chief Minister – power woman – Jayalalitha

West Bengal Chief Minister, lovingly called as “Didi (elder sister)” by everyone – Mamta Banerjee

Former Miss World, only Bollywood celebrity renowned all over the world, with a wax statue at Madame Tussads in her name – Aishwarya Rai Bachan

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Sketch – necklaced pitta !!!


A drawing I made during my school days..drawing – a passionate hobby of mine which is taking a back seat nowadays…trying my best to accommodate during weekends/non-working hours… ūüôā

Meanwhile planning to archive all those which are dear to me in my blog..

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“five point” or “nine point” someone ????








I just completed reading Chetan Bhagat’s “Revolutions 2020”. It was not a bad read..a time pass story which almost felt like the prospective storyline¬†for a Bollywood (Indian Hindi Film Industry!!)¬†movie..Though I a not a huge fan of his, but I did read all his books till now…

Whenever there is a discussion about the author, mostly people come up with¬†divided opinions. Those who are avid readers do not actually find any substance in his writing. It is just regular, time-pass stuff is what they claim. I kind of agree to that too. After reading the book, its not the way you feel say after reading “the girl with the dragon tattoo”. From¬†what little experience of¬†reading¬†I have¬†till now, I feel that there is nothing gripping, deep, dark or¬†controversial¬†(like Dan Brown, Sidney Sheldon, Robin Cook, Stieg Larsson)¬† or¬† emotional, serene, passion or love (like Nicholas Sparks, Cecelia Ahern, Erich Segal, Mills n Boon) or fictional with super natural elements (like Stephanie Meyer, JKRowling)…

But then, is it really necessary to have these elements?? His writings are outright simple, whether its the story line or the narration.. Simple is good all the time..According to certain statistics, the number of people in India¬†reading books has increased drastically after his “five point someone”. The¬†thing we can’t deny is that there are increasing number of teenagers embracing the hobby of “reading” owing to Chetan Bhagat’s writings…Now..Isnt that a good thing??¬†The story lines are simple enough for every one to connect to..and since the story setting is in India itself, its easy for people to identify with the characters, places and situations unlike the “tough to pronounce” names in most of the international publications..Also, the books are not huge scaring the first time readers..(both in terms of price and size ūüėõ ) ..

As for me, I think these are the kind of books I would like to read when I want to completely relax and not put much of my brain into the reading…I would love¬†these books to accompany me,¬†for train journeys or bus journeys… Whether the author is a “five point someone” or a¬†9 pointer is something for the readers to decide!!!

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My mom

After all these posts, I was thinking why not write one about my mom here it is…

Mom has gone through lot of hardships in her childhood..having lost her parents at a very young age, life was not a bed of roses for her. But¬†she never lost heart…always believed in God, that all would be well. She is my inspiration… everytime i hear about her past, I cant help but hold back my tears and feel proud of her at the same time. the way she has cheerfully faced the hardships and stayed beside her elder brother who supported the family – is a true inspiration to me..

All the credit for what me and my sisters are now, goes to her…she was our first teacher..I am always told by my relatives tht I used to create quite a ruckus to avoid school…It was my mom who patiently¬†taught me at home and slowly convinced me to go to school. She¬†stayed near my class-room through out the school for quite some days, so that I would not cry and I could get used to the environment.

She always has been¬†a friend, philosopher, guide to us…she was the one who encouraged us to be confident and participate in the competetions at school. when there was a dance or fancy dress competetion, she would gleefully run around the shops to get the costume and make-up. She would be there at the school, dressing us up and cheering us.

she encouraged¬†¬†our little hobbies be it painting, sketching, story writing…her little words of appreciation worked wonders for me and my sisters..all our friends always appreciate me and my sisters for being multi-talented…Well!!all the credit goes to mom…

How can I forget the stories she used to tell us when we were kids. She is the best story teller I have seen till date Рbe it mythological stories or the stories from chandamama, balamitra. She was this comforting shoulder we always had when we had a bad day at school(our biggest worries at that time)..I missed her the most when I went to stay at hostel during my engineering. She used to call me up everyday and make sure I dont miss home.

Since then, I have been living on my own (taking up job after college) and I miss those good old days spending time at home.she was the one to wake us up ealry in the monring during walk miles and¬†bring lunch for us to school…to sing and play along with us in the evenings…and make delicious supper in the nights.. Even now, she makes it a point to call all of us everyday…Me and my sister always admire her energy…she does all the house work by herself and still is so energetic and cheerful. we have half the patience even to listen to her.

She goes crazy about green, she likes shopping a looootttt (but she wants the stuff to cost cheap)..she absolutely loves icecream (with fruits and nuts – her favourite)…she likes watching TV9 and other news channels¬†and staying up-to-date with the happening around the world. Most of the times, we get to know all the important news from her…she is an ardent fan of Bhakti (devotional)¬†channel and would be glued to it, or may be I should say immersed in it¬†most of the time.¬†she is higly sensitive and extremely emotional (Handle with care at times!!!)..

She loooveessss talking and talking for hours and hours…with anyone and anytime…anywhere she¬†goes, she¬†makes it during a¬†train journey, in a shop or even in a temple… Amazing thing is when we were in chennai, she used to spend hours and hours chatting with the other women at temple, when she hardly knew Tamil. My dad and us always wonder how do the women there understand her… She is an amazing woman..she was able to learn hindi within a week’s time when we were in Mumbai and learn tamil as quickly ¬†when we were in chennai….¬†Dad being in Bank, we moves from place to place and she has always been with my dad, managing the family and taking care of us no matter what..

all of us love her a lott.. we wish that we can keep her happy through out her life……

Love you Mom!!!