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“five point” or “nine point” someone ????








I just completed reading Chetan Bhagat’s “Revolutions 2020”. It was not a bad read..a time pass story which almost felt like the prospective storyline for a Bollywood (Indian Hindi Film Industry!!) movie..Though I a not a huge fan of his, but I did read all his books till now…

Whenever there is a discussion about the author, mostly people come up with divided opinions. Those who are avid readers do not actually find any substance in his writing. It is just regular, time-pass stuff is what they claim. I kind of agree to that too. After reading the book, its not the way you feel say after reading “the girl with the dragon tattoo”. From what little experience of reading I have till now, I feel that there is nothing gripping, deep, dark or controversial (like Dan Brown, Sidney Sheldon, Robin Cook, Stieg Larsson)  or  emotional, serene, passion or love (like Nicholas Sparks, Cecelia Ahern, Erich Segal, Mills n Boon) or fictional with super natural elements (like Stephanie Meyer, JKRowling)…

But then, is it really necessary to have these elements?? His writings are outright simple, whether its the story line or the narration.. Simple is good all the time..According to certain statistics, the number of people in India reading books has increased drastically after his “five point someone”. The thing we can’t deny is that there are increasing number of teenagers embracing the hobby of “reading” owing to Chetan Bhagat’s writings…Now..Isnt that a good thing?? The story lines are simple enough for every one to connect to..and since the story setting is in India itself, its easy for people to identify with the characters, places and situations unlike the “tough to pronounce” names in most of the international publications..Also, the books are not huge scaring the first time readers..(both in terms of price and size 😛 ) ..

As for me, I think these are the kind of books I would like to read when I want to completely relax and not put much of my brain into the reading…I would love these books to accompany me, for train journeys or bus journeys… Whether the author is a “five point someone” or a 9 pointer is something for the readers to decide!!!


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