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Korean Obsession

Nowadays I have become completely obsessed with anything that is Korean.. The first time I watched a korean drama, I instantly fell in love with the language and the people.. One amazing thing is that every person is so talented..every actor/actress whom I come across is either a singer or a musician along with being an actor..

“Playful Kiss” was the first drama I watched, thanks to my lil sis..The language sounded very close to heart and all the characters were sooo cutee…After that drama, I dint look back…I watched sooo many korean dramas till now and loved allll of them…

Am not sure if it is the choice of dramas, but all of them are soo cutee…everyone is soo nice and caring ..I have started understanding the language too(bit-by-bit)….I really love the sound of korean…I have got soo used to it that I started using the language (whatever little I know) with my sister at home…chinchayo (meaning really in korean πŸ˜› )…I would love to learn the language and be able to speak it frequently one day…

I have also become a huge fan of K-Pop (esp Kim Hyung Joong)…Really love their music…So now there is one new goal of mine…to save enough money to visit South korea and watch any live show of K-Pop stars…My sister is also with me, though not as crazy as me…There are a list of places we would like to visit – Jeju Island, Nam San Tower, Han River…

Now coming to language, here are some of the words I learnt from korean dramas….

hangul -korean, chib – home, kamane – stop , dhedanatha – great, chemi – fun

bichin – crazy, bichasso – are you crazy??, chugulle – wanna die??, nappunnu – bad person

yobuseyo – helloΒ  (on phone) , annyonghaseyo/anniyo – hello, ososeyo – welcome

kumao/ kamsahmida/ kumasammida – Thanks, Meanne/Chesoamminda – Sorry,

Vey/Veyo -why, bo – what, boya – what is it/what doing, kha – go, khaja – lets go, dugu – who

busun maariya – what are u saying, palli – fast, chigum – now, chum – little, aara / arasso – understand

irona – wake up, cha – sleep, mokko – eat, chal mokku, chal jha – eat well, sleep well, maashikta – delecious

namja – boy, nyoja – girl, ajushi – man,Β  ajumoni – woman, oppa – Dear

unni – elder sister adressed by a girl, hyung – elder brother, noona – elder sister addressed by a guy, dongsaeng – younger brother

omma – mom, appa – dad, kumonim – aunt, haraboji – grandpa, haramoni – grandmom

oeidi – where, yogi-kogi – here nd there, isso – is there

mulla/mollaso (pronounced as bulla) – dont know, kuyopta – cute, ippada/ippo – beautiful,

saram – person, saranghae – love , jhua – like, shiro – hate (also used to say dont want something)

dey/ye/ney – yes, aani – no, kure – ok, I – da/na, you – do , me too – da thoo ,

chongmaleyo – really??, chincha – really, tu – again, boshiktha – cool

ottukke / ottukkaji – wat to do , kinchana – are you ok/I am ok

vekure – why r u doing this

dorebang – karaoke


Wow!! not bad…I knw a lot of words….

I will be back with a post completely in korean, once I learn it… till then, kidaaryoo…aja..aja…fighting!!!! πŸ™‚


7 thoughts on “Korean Obsession

  1. it all started wit me πŸ˜› πŸ˜› i planted a seed..its still growing ..growing..and i guess will keep growing … basically an unbounded function i guess πŸ˜€


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