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Silly Superstitions


 After a hiatus, am back to blogging…what made me write this blog, is this silly habit of mine which I got reminded of.. That made me think about the silly beliefs/habits which people have..

 I have this couple of stupid/funny habits like –there is this nice blue quilt which I absolutely dread of…the one or two times I used it , the days had been really horrible to I think twice to even touch it… funny Isnt it??!! I know…but still I don’t want to touch it…

I still remember how my mom was annoyed with me when I used to wear the same dress to all the exams during my school days, just because my first exam went very well…

At the same time, there are certain things which I have observed are extremely lucky to me too…like the color “pink” or “a Tuesday”…

Another stupid belief of mine – It is definitely going to rain when I wear a white dress…

As I went to college, I found that am not alone… there was a friend of mine who used to take a particular set of stairs to classes everyday even though it is the farthest one to class…then there are always these famous lucky pens..lucky books…lucky charms..

there were also popular superstitions which did their rounds in the campus like – looking at the institute clock tower is considered a bad omen which is going to spoil your entire day.. the craziest one was “a bird shitting on you would turn you into a institute topper (10 cgpa)”…LOL…

As funny and crazy as they sound, these stupid habits/beliefs/superstitions (whatever you call it) become a part of our daily routine…..

Is there any scientific explanation???not sure….but I have my own theories… It’s all in your mind… If you are uncomfortable doing certain things, then all the time your brain keeps sending negative signals expecting worse to happen…and even if something minor happens – u correlate it to the bad luck…and voila!! your superstitions are confirmed!!!

Or in  a more philosophical way… if u do something that is pricking your conscience as it is against your silly superstition, you carry the negative vibes, which attract negative energy and make negative things happen.

On the other hand, following your belief will make you happy and positive which attracts more positive things to happen… 🙂  (courtesy : The Secret…nice read, if it is your cup of tea)

So friends…go ahead and follow your stupid superstitions(as long as they are harmless) and be happy 🙂 …


2 thoughts on “Silly Superstitions

  1. For the longest time, I had a lucky lipstick that I would wear on my exam dates and job interviews. It only ended when the lipstick ran out. I’ll still never open an umbrella inside, because, I reason, why test fate?


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