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Party theme – Vampire theme

Me and my sisters are all enthued for making themed birthday parties. Months before the birthday we start brainstorming to get an awesome theme. This theme was last year’s party for my sister’s birthday. It was a phase when me and my sisters were all vampire crazy, thanks to Damon Salvatore of Vampire Diaries. So, we thought vampire theme would be the best to surprise her.

Who would like it : All Vampire fans (mostly Gals!!)

What is required for the decoration :red balloons, red color sparkling decoration paper, candles, red and black hard board for our little props (Damon’s crow, Bats, Spooky-smoke emitting-Dum Dum, spider head, spider)

Props :

Bats – Simple and easy to make. Just cut out the required form from Black hard board and stick it with glue or stapler. – Courtesy : my little sister (pratyusha )







Ghosts – Cut out the shapes from white paper.

Dum Dum – Create holes for eyes and mouth on a red hard board and pin the ends together to form a cylindrical shape.





Background decoration : Decorate the walls with red balloons and red sparkling paper. Stick the hand made bats to the walls. Hang some of them with thread to the ceiling (flying bats!!). Hand the ghost shapes from the ceiling on to the table.





Table decoration: Put the cake in the center of the table. Put our little props – Spider, crow on the table. Put the Dum Dum on the table with a Sambrani stick for smoke effect. Put candles on the tables, arranging them to look straight out of a Vampire movie.

Cake: Rich Chocolate cake with red cherries on top.

When the clock strike 12:00, invite the birthday girl for a surprise (with spooky sounds in the background playing from your laptop) and gift her the Spider Head.

Have fun 🙂

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Another Chance – Book review

“Another Chance” is the book I have read recently and absolutely loved it. It is the second book of Indian author, Ahmed Faiyaz. Its an interesting tale of love, relationship and hardships.

Though the concept seems routine, the narration is gripping. It talks about the journey of Ruheen Oberai, a stunning and smart girl – the ups and downs of her life…

Ruheen is a stunningly beautiful girl who always finds herself attracted to trouble. She ends up meeting Aditya and falling in love with him during college. But her stalker turned ex-boyfriend threatens to kill Aditya if she doesn’t split up and Ruheen is not left with any choice but to leave to Shimla (to her Nanaji) without informing Aditya. In course of time she meets Rohan, an NRI and gets married to him against her Nanaji’s wishes, only to realize later that she got stuck in an abusive marriage which was entirely planned to get hold of her nanaji’s assets. With the help of her sister-in-law she escapes to Amsterdam and starts working in a pastry shop there. Destiny plays its game and Aditya reaches there on a business trip and expresses his desire to take her with him to India.  After reaching India, Aditya gets busy with his career and upon that Ruheen loses their baby which takes a toll on their relationship. Eventually Ruheen had to leave to Shimla to tend to her ailing nanaji and Aditya hardly finds time to visit them. Ruheen feels ignored until she meets her childhood buddy Varun, who happens to have a crush on her. She finds happiness again through him,  but then Aditya comes back repenting and promising to make amends. The story progresses with Ruheen’s confusion and finally her decision on whether to let go of Aditya or go back to him.

It would be lovely to read on a lazy afternoon with a cup of tea. The story flows on smoothly, without too much of unnecessary elements dampening the flow. The characterization of Ruheen, Aditya are so convincing.  Would recommend the book for a light read anytime.

Have fun.

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crocroaz rocks!!!

World through my lens

i love dancing to the invisible peak most extent. Speaking of dance ,though i truly am not trained in any form of dance specially, i love to learn. There are many forms of dance which i see and get amazed , those that inspire me to learn at-least a part of it. After watching “Dance India Dance ” a competitive dance show, i have truly become the fan of Raghav whom people call as”Croc-Roach” . I felt , it was the best slow motion dance i have seen !! From that very moment , i have become the biggest fan of him and the dance form. So difficult it seemed , yet so beautiful and perfect . It attracts every viewer so much that, they just can’t take their eyes away from him.The way he dances makes it look like an effect and may be mistaken as an edited video had it…

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Today I met with a minor accident on the way to my office. Fell off my two-wheeler (motor vehicle) and now sitting at home with a chipped knee writing this blog. Well, I am doing “work from home” but since it is lunch time, I figured I could spend time to write this blog anyway.

It often happens to me that my brain keeps sending me warning signals when something like this is going to happen that day. As usual, today also I was getting ready to office and picked up my favorite white churidaar (dress), I was smiling and thinking “I am wearing a white dress, something is surely going to happen today…”

There I was happily driving my Scooty Pep+, listening and humming A.R. Rahman songs, enjoying the slight drizzle and the beautiful weather of Bangalore.. Eagerly waiting to go to office, expecting some foreign chocolates from my manager (who was to return from a Overseas business trip) and a birthday treat due from my colleagues (Yes!! thats right!!! these account to 70% of the motivational factors for me to reach office everyday. I make sure to find one such reason everyday 🙂 )… I was hardly one KM from my office when I saw a stretch of muddy slush (construction work going on nearby)  .

There was an auto going ahead of me, and that guy was going slowly. I was tagging along and my poor little Scooty was not able to balance itself in the slush. I knew my vehicle was skidding and some part of me was telling me am going to fall. But there was this survival instinct in me, telling me that “I can do it”…”I can manage and cross the stretch successfully”. I thought I was doing well and I could see the end of the stretch before my eyes. I felt the same way an Olympic runner who is seeing the “End” line would feel.. almost victorious!!!happy!!!

And then within a second, before I knew I was there on the ground, with scooty over me and I could hear people running towards me. They lifted the vehicle over me and I was standing stupidly over there, my hands and legs covered in mud… A.R. Rahman’s song “Kundanapu Bomma..” was still playing in my ears. I removed the ear phones and thanked all the people gathered there. It was a construction site and one of the workers there generously offered me water to clean my dress. Then I realized, my favorite white dress is all brown with mud and torn too…and there was red patch slowly forming at my knees.  I realized that I was hurt and rest is history.

I am still wondering was my brain warning me before hand of the accident or was it my negative thoughts attracting the accident towards me…A mystery!!!!

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My sketch of Hyun Bin

Hyun Bin is one of my most favorite actors of Korean entertainment industry. He is extremely good looking, cutee and an equally exceptional actor. Of the last two years I have been following the korean Dramas, I have learnt that the koreans treat him as a Demi God himself!!! Must watch dramas of him are “Secret Garden” and “A Millionaire’s First Love”… You will instantly fall in love with him…

So here’s my attempt to capture Hyun Bin oppaa in a sketch!!!

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10 best ads I love

I am always amazed at the creativity of the ad-film makers..Particularly there are some products for which it is tough to argue that they are the best in the market when there are similar ones around…

here are some of my favourite ads that are really different, creative and which you remember for ever…

1. Fevicol ads – all the fevicol ads are good…but my most favorite is the feviquick one…where a villager uses it for fishing…

2. Happydent ads – I really loved the idea where the whiteness of the teeth is used to brighten a town…quirky, but awesomely amazing creativity..

3. Hero ads – The ad which was made when Hero Honda brand changed to Hero, is the best…Really sells the brand and serves the purpose…Couldnt really get the song out of my mind…”hum mein hein hero….(meaning each one of us is a hero…)”

Also the Herohonda Pleasure ad with captio “why should boys have all the fun”…

4. Raymond – The concept of “The complete Man” does work wonders for Raymond…Sometimes though the product and the ad do not really connect, ppl connect to the ad and the brand is remembered…serves the purpose 🙂

5. Hutch (now Vodafone) ads – the concept “wherever you go our network follows..” with the little cute pup is awesome…love the ads… Later Vodafone also managed to bring the little pug into their ads with “Happy to help” concept…here is a complete video of all the pug ads 🙂

6. CocoCola ads – the latest ad of Coco Cola is absolutely lovely…”ummedo vali dhoop…” “Believe in a happier tomorrow…open happiness!!!”…love the song…

7. Cadburys ads – Always loved them…the then “kuch khaas hein zindagi mein….(ther is a taste in life…life is special)” and “khaane waalonko khane ka bahana chahiye (ppl need excuses to eat cadburys)” are my favorites….love the way they come up with new concepts from time to time (latest “khushiyon ka shubharambh”)

8. Flipkart ads – the new joinee in the ad world..the flipkart ads are cool…simply implying tht even kids knw that flipkart is the best..

9. Vodafone Blackberry ads – the latest ads of Blackberry on Vodafone prepaid “we are the blackberry boys” where normal ppl also join “the suits”…saying now blackberry is not only for the elite, but can be owned by everyone…brilliant…

10. – the epic “Hari Sadoo” ad is something every working professional can relate to..lovely!!