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10 best ads I love

I am always amazed at the creativity of the ad-film makers..Particularly there are some products for which it is tough to argue that they are the best in the market when there are similar ones around…

here are some of my favourite ads that are really different, creative and which you remember for ever…

1. Fevicol ads – all the fevicol ads are good…but my most favorite is the feviquick one…where a villager uses it for fishing…

2. Happydent ads – I really loved the idea where the whiteness of the teeth is used to brighten a town…quirky, but awesomely amazing creativity..

3. Hero ads – The ad which was made when Hero Honda brand changed to Hero, is the best…Really sells the brand and serves the purpose…Couldnt really get the song out of my mind…”hum mein hein hero….(meaning each one of us is a hero…)”

Also the Herohonda Pleasure ad with captio “why should boys have all the fun”…

4. Raymond – The concept of “The complete Man” does work wonders for Raymond…Sometimes though the product and the ad do not really connect, ppl connect to the ad and the brand is remembered…serves the purpose πŸ™‚

5. Hutch (now Vodafone) ads – the concept “wherever you go our network follows..” with the little cute pup is awesome…love the ads… Later Vodafone also managed to bring the little pug into their ads with “Happy to help” concept…here is a complete video of all the pug ads πŸ™‚

6. CocoCola ads – the latest ad of Coco Cola is absolutely lovely…”ummedo vali dhoop…” “Believe in a happier tomorrow…open happiness!!!”…love the song…

7. Cadburys ads – Always loved them…the then “kuch khaas hein zindagi mein….(ther is a taste in life…life is special)” and “khaane waalonko khane ka bahana chahiye (ppl need excuses to eat cadburys)” are my favorites….love the way they come up with new concepts from time to time (latest “khushiyon ka shubharambh”)

8. Flipkart ads – the new joinee in the ad world..the flipkart ads are cool…simply implying tht even kids knw that flipkart is the best..

9. Vodafone Blackberry ads – the latest ads of Blackberry on Vodafone prepaid “we are the blackberry boys” where normal ppl also join “the suits”…saying now blackberry is not only for the elite, but can be owned by everyone…brilliant…

10. – the epic “Hari Sadoo” ad is something every working professional can relate to..lovely!!


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