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Today I met with a minor accident on the way to my office. Fell off my two-wheeler (motor vehicle) and now sitting at home with a chipped knee writing this blog. Well, I am doing “work from home” but since it is lunch time, I figured I could spend time to write this blog anyway.

It often happens to me that my brain keeps sending me warning signals when something like this is going to happen that day. As usual, today also I was getting ready to office and picked up my favorite white churidaar (dress), I was smiling and thinking “I am wearing a white dress, something is surely going to happen today…”

There I was happily driving my Scooty Pep+, listening and humming A.R. Rahman songs, enjoying the slight drizzle and the beautiful weather of Bangalore.. Eagerly waiting to go to office, expecting some foreign chocolates from my manager (who was to return from a Overseas business trip) and a birthday treat due from my colleagues (Yes!! thats right!!! these account to 70% of the motivational factors for me to reach office everyday. I make sure to find one such reason everyday 🙂 )… I was hardly one KM from my office when I saw a stretch of muddy slush (construction work going on nearby)  .

There was an auto going ahead of me, and that guy was going slowly. I was tagging along and my poor little Scooty was not able to balance itself in the slush. I knew my vehicle was skidding and some part of me was telling me am going to fall. But there was this survival instinct in me, telling me that “I can do it”…”I can manage and cross the stretch successfully”. I thought I was doing well and I could see the end of the stretch before my eyes. I felt the same way an Olympic runner who is seeing the “End” line would feel.. almost victorious!!!happy!!!

And then within a second, before I knew I was there on the ground, with scooty over me and I could hear people running towards me. They lifted the vehicle over me and I was standing stupidly over there, my hands and legs covered in mud… A.R. Rahman’s song “Kundanapu Bomma..” was still playing in my ears. I removed the ear phones and thanked all the people gathered there. It was a construction site and one of the workers there generously offered me water to clean my dress. Then I realized, my favorite white dress is all brown with mud and torn too…and there was red patch slowly forming at my knees.  I realized that I was hurt and rest is history.

I am still wondering was my brain warning me before hand of the accident or was it my negative thoughts attracting the accident towards me…A mystery!!!!


9 thoughts on “Accident

  1. Though whatever happened was unfortunate but way you narrated it will actually bring smiles to people! 😛
    BTW Good that it was a minor one and hope you’ll be able to walk out of it by tomorrow! 😉


  2. Think you were in a hurry expecting ur colleagues to finish all the chocolates that your manager gets .. they r not so bad either :)).. surprised to see u at the office the very next day.. but yeah now I got to know the reason behind ur speedy recovery (B’day treat ) :)).. amazing


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