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Another Chance – Book review

“Another Chance” is the book I have read recently and absolutely loved it. It is the second book of Indian author, Ahmed Faiyaz. Its an interesting tale of love, relationship and hardships.

Though the concept seems routine, the narration is gripping. It talks about the journey of Ruheen Oberai, a stunning and smart girl – the ups and downs of her life…

Ruheen is a stunningly beautiful girl who always finds herself attracted to trouble. She ends up meeting Aditya and falling in love with him during college. But her stalker turned ex-boyfriend threatens to kill Aditya if she doesn’t split up and Ruheen is not left with any choice but to leave to Shimla (to her Nanaji) without informing Aditya. In course of time she meets Rohan, an NRI and gets married to him against her Nanaji’s wishes, only to realize later that she got stuck in an abusive marriage which was entirely planned to get hold of her nanaji’s assets. With the help of her sister-in-law she escapes to Amsterdam and starts working in a pastry shop there. Destiny plays its game and Aditya reaches there on a business trip and expresses his desire to take her with him to India.  After reaching India, Aditya gets busy with his career and upon that Ruheen loses their baby which takes a toll on their relationship. Eventually Ruheen had to leave to Shimla to tend to her ailing nanaji and Aditya hardly finds time to visit them. Ruheen feels ignored until she meets her childhood buddy Varun, who happens to have a crush on her. She finds happiness again through him,  but then Aditya comes back repenting and promising to make amends. The story progresses with Ruheen’s confusion and finally her decision on whether to let go of Aditya or go back to him.

It would be lovely to read on a lazy afternoon with a cup of tea. The story flows on smoothly, without too much of unnecessary elements dampening the flow. The characterization of Ruheen, Aditya are so convincing.  Would recommend the book for a light read anytime.

Have fun.


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