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Party theme – Vampire theme

Me and my sisters are all enthued for making themed birthday parties. Months before the birthday we start brainstorming to get an awesome theme. This theme was last year’s party for my sister’s birthday. It was a phase when me and my sisters were all vampire crazy, thanks to Damon Salvatore of Vampire Diaries. So, we thought vampire theme would be the best to surprise her.

Who would like it : All Vampire fans (mostly Gals!!)

What is required for the decoration :red balloons, red color sparkling decoration paper, candles, red and black hard board for our little props (Damon’s crow, Bats, Spooky-smoke emitting-Dum Dum, spider head, spider)

Props :

Bats – Simple and easy to make. Just cut out the required form from Black hard board and stick it with glue or stapler. – Courtesy : my little sister (pratyusha )







Ghosts – Cut out the shapes from white paper.

Dum Dum – Create holes for eyes and mouth on a red hard board and pin the ends together to form a cylindrical shape.





Background decoration : Decorate the walls with red balloons and red sparkling paper. Stick the hand made bats to the walls. Hang some of them with thread to the ceiling (flying bats!!). Hand the ghost shapes from the ceiling on to the table.





Table decoration: Put the cake in the center of the table. Put our little props – Spider, crow on the table. Put the Dum Dum on the table with a Sambrani stick for smoke effect. Put candles on the tables, arranging them to look straight out of a Vampire movie.

Cake: Rich Chocolate cake with red cherries on top.

When the clock strike 12:00, invite the birthday girl for a surprise (with spooky sounds in the background playing from your laptop) and gift her the Spider Head.

Have fun 🙂


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