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My dad

My dad has always been an inspiration to me (the same way it is for everyone else I guess). It still amazes me on how he has been able to manage the finances, spending so much on our education and other things, when I already have a tough time, though I apparently earn more than he earns now.

Since we were kids (me and my sisters) would you believe that he has not once shouted at us. Whatever we wanted, whatever we asked, we were sure to get it before we even spoke it out… he appreciated, supported and has been there for all three of us (me and my sisters) always…

In a society where parents think it is waste of money to send the girls to school and rather save that money for their marriages, he always smiled and encouraged us to study as much we want, taking education loans one after the other. Though some of our relative always suggested that he should be strict with kids, he was always like a friend – playing with us, watching movies together and gradually making sure we learn to be independent.

There are lot of things I learnt from him. Since the time he was a clerk at the Bank to now, when he is a manager, he has always been hard working – working late nights and even over the weekends. Inspite of tensions at work, he is always smiling and relaxed at home. It is a well-known fact that most of the girls would want their husbands to be like their father and somewhere even I feel the same. He has always been patient with my mom, never saying “no” to her shopping requests, always understanding and never once seen him shouting at her.

Though at times, we have differences of opinion and though we did have our share of arguments, deep down I know that it was because he cared for us.

Nanna…you are our hero. we love you always 🙂 🙂


16 thoughts on “My dad

  1. Wow! Nice to read and some how its a story of a dad in every Indian family of our generation. Theres always so much to learn from them. BTW loved the title pic…awesome…


  2. hey lavss u r true… I feel the same with my dad also..after all we are also three..we are also from the same society and the same school…. thanx that u inspired me to express that.


  3. great reflection.feelings,emotions converted in to shapes of words.feel fortunate of having the dad like yours ‘perfect dad’.


  4. Hi .The ultimate way for sharing success means with others is to build up loyal readers. That’s exactly what you are doing using this type of useful post.Best regards from Great Britain.


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