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Indian Bride

After a hiatus, I have tried to squeeze in time for my next sketch.

Tried to portray the Indian Bride here. Her demure half closed eyes hold lots of dreams for future and love for her would-be.  An attempt to capture the delicate beauty in my sketch

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Are Vampires a myth or not sure. But I do know that the most famous of all the monsters is a Vampire. Particularly after Stephanie Meyer’s “Twilight” series, Vampires have become the object of desire and the dream guy for all the girls.

I have tried to do a bit of research about vampires on net. Most of the places they are described as dangerous, blood-sucking monsters. Not interesting!!! But do they really exist?? Are they just another rumor/hype which got blown-up over centuries??

But I definitely like the modern version of Vampires. Coming to Stephanie Meyer’s version of Vampires…the cool, mystic Edward Cullen – the quintessential romantic guy who loves Bella so much that he is ready to give up his immortal life for her. So… vampires are attractive, they glow in sun light, do not age and they can make you a vampire by taking blood from you.

Another Vampire that struck me is Damon Salvatore of L.J.Smith’s book/serial “Vampire Diaries”. All the vampire fans, must watch this serial and I promise, you will fall for this hunk. He is smart, witty, charming, dangerous and all that is required for an alluring vampire. In this version, vampires can move in sun light if they have a ring made of Lapis-Lazuli (blue color gem stone), they can be killed by stabbing with a wooden stake.They also do not age, but cant tolerate Vervain.

Whatever versions people come-up with, the common features in summary are that they do not age, are seductive, charming, do not sleep in the night and feed on blood. Inspite of the dark side, these mystic creatures always seem to ignite the creative imagination of many writers and the dreams of many young girls.

Here are some vampire jokes also for you to enjoy

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Evaro Athanevvaro (Telugu song) lyrics

This song has been on my mind for the last couple of days.. Its a lovely composition by Devi Sri Prasad.. Here are the lyrics for all DSP music lovers..

Evaro Athanevvaro Athidhi ga Vacchadu
Nidare Pothunna na Yedha ne Kadhipaadu
Evaro Thanu Evvaro Yedhure Vacchindhi

Vivaram Yem cheppanu Viraham Repindi
Thelavaare vela Kalaganna thanani
Adhi Premo Yemo Yemito….

Evaro Thanu Evvaro Yedhure Vacchindhi
Nidare Pothunna na Yedha ne Kadhipaavu

Anuvanuvu athani Thalape Vedincha Saage
Anudinamu Vinani Kadhale Vinipincheyne

Cheli manasu adigi manasu ventaadasaage
Tholivalapo Jathaku pilupo bhadule raadhe
Manasante neram manasante baaram..
Nilichenaa praanam..? Ontigaa..

Evaro Thanu Evvaro Yedhure Vacchindhi
Vivaram Yem cheppanu Viraham Repindi
Evaro Athanevvaro Athidhi ga Vacchadu
Nidare Pothunna naa Yedha ne Kadhipaadu

Parichayame O parimalamai Gandhaalupuse
Paruvamila O paravasamai Grandham raase
prathi nimisham brathuku sukhamai Vuyyalaluge
Jathakalase athanu korake yedhurechuse
Hrudayam lo daaham Tadipe O Megham
Yeppudo Ni Sneham O priyaa…O..

Yevaro Athanevvaro Athidhi ga Vacchadu
Nidare Pothunna naa Yedha ne Kadhipaadu
Thelavaare vela Kalaganna thanani
Adhi Premo Yemo….Yemito

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Happy Janmashtami

Krishnashtami / Janmashtami is celebrated nationwide celebrating the birth of Lord Krishna.  Lord Krishna is probably the most loved of all the Hindu deities .  I used the word “love” here instead of “worship”, as people really love him, adore him along with worshipping him.

Krishna is believed to be one of the re-incarnations of Lord Vishnu – one of the supreme powers to create the Universe. Epics say that Lord Vishnu re-incarnates in every Yuga, to save the mankind and to destroy evil.

Krishna in Sanskrit means “dark blue or black”. He is said to have a dark complexion almost the color of dark blue.  In the time when caste system was dominant, Krishna belonged to the “Yadava” community (though a Kshatriya by birth). The epics probably wanted to convey that God doesn’t differentiate people on the basis of caste or community.

Yadavas basically herd cows and sell milk and milk products. He is this extremely naughty kid, stealing milk and cream from neighbours in his childhood. As he grew-up as a teen, he is said to be teasing the ladies and charming them with his magnificent skill in playing the flute. He is known to be a passionate lover, always surrounded by hundreds of Gopikas (women of Gopa community). But then at the same time, he saved Druapadi when she was stripped of her clothing by the Kaurava kings in return to a bet placed by her husbands who lost in a game of dice.

He is the main reason for the famous Mahabharat Battle at Kurukshetra. He was smart at playing politics to make sure his supportees, the Pandavas win the battle (or to say, the good wins the battle over evil). He being the supreme power, restrained from participating in the battle and inturn served as the charioteer of Arjuna’s chariot during the Battle.

The words of wisdom he spoke to Arjuna before the battle, enlightening him to the path to devotion and the doctrine of selfless action has come to be the Holy Book of Hindus – The Bhagavad Gita. There are numerous tales of the deeds of Krishna, like he once lifted a mountain to save the cattle and the people of Mathura from heavy rains. How he killed “Kamsa” his evil uncle. How he destroyed the poisonous serpent (Kalinda).

Krishnashtami is the celebration of the birth of this God who helped in the victory of good over evil. A write-up about Krishna would never be complete without the mention of Radha, his eternal love. Though Krishna is married to hundreds of wives, you can only see him worshipped with “Radha” in all the temples, such is their love.

There are numerous songs sung in the name of Krishna. Here are few of my favorites. Enjoy them on the occasion of his birthday 🙂

a hindi song depicting the entire life of Krishna :

telugu songs worshipping the Lord:

beautiful tamil song about the ten re-incarnations (avatars) of Lord Vishnu:

Prayer to Lord to come back and save the world:

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Kim Hyung Joong again :)

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Yeah!! Its Kin Hyung Joong again 🙂 … I just don’t seem to get over my craze over this Korean hunk!! I would have watched his drama “Playful Kiss” tons of tons of times till now and will always be ready to watch it again anytime 🙂 .

Felt that I dint do much justice to him in my last sketch (,  so here is another attempt and I guess am quite happy with this 🙂

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All about Tears!!!

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I was reading this touching story from one of the forwarded mails and I suddenly realize that there are tears running down my cheeks. I was telling myself to control… it would be so embarrassing to cry that way in office sitting at my desk. But they don’t stop at all and I had to run to the washroom to clean my already reddened face.

It happened to me many times, when I really wanted to put a brave face and not cry at all, but my brain and eyes betray me. It was then, I decided to do a bit of research on net, that why some people cry more than others.

Interestingly, the actual reason why tears are more in some people than others is not yet established. Nevertheless, here are my findings :-p

Tears are secretions from the lachrymal glands that clean and lubricate the eyes. The lachrymal glands secrete lachrymal fluid, which flows through the main excretory ducts into the space between the eyeball and lids. When the eyes blink, the lachrymal fluid is spread across the surface of the eye and flows through the lachrymal canaliculi at the inner corner of the eyelids entering finally into the nasal cavity. An excess of tears can thus cause the nose to run.

There are three types of tears –

Basal Tears : normal continuous lachrymal secretions to lubricate the eye and clear it from any dust particles.

Reflex Tears : This is due to the irritation of the eyes due to foreign particles or exposure to irritable agents or during cough/yawning.

Emotional Tears : These are due to strong emotional feelings like stress, anger, fear, sadness, happiness. In humans, emotional tears can be accompanied by reddening of the face and sobbing — cough-like, convulsive breathing, sometimes involving spasms of the whole upper body.

Emotional tears can sometimes be useful to alleviate stress. That is the reason why people cry even when they are alone, when there is no one else to receive the communication. This explains why we feel refreshed after a good cry :). The hormones released with tears(emotional) have a different chemicals compared to normal basal/reflex tears. They contain leucine encephalin (a natural painkiller) which helps in relieving stress.

There are statements that negate this theory too. However scientists say that there needs to be a strong emotional stimulus for tears to come. Hence they say that the theory about “crocodile tears” (or manipulative crying) is false. It is said that no one can fake crying. They have to conjure strong emotional feelings to produce tears.

Emotional tears are supposedly triggered by nerves running from the limbic system – the part of the brain that controls emotion – to the brain stem at the top of the spinal cord, and from there to the lachrymal glands. It makes sense that many brain systems are involved because both laughing and crying require understanding an emotional context. Also with both, a cluster of physiological responses occur: The muscles of the face are engaged, heart and respiration rates rise, even the voice changes tone.

But what sets off those triggers for some people more readily than others is not known yet. Effect of the society and the surroundings however seems to have an effect on it. For example, it is long determined that men are stronger than women and men who cry are treated as weak beings. Hence men are not at liberty to heal their emotional wounds by crying their worries out. It is said that this is the reason why men take a long time to handle stressful situations, as they may need to work very long and hard to access the grief behind anger.

Having said all this, is there a way to control tears? Psychologists say it is best not to control them and let them out. Because it involves a lot of emotional build-up before you actually cry and it may be harmful to your health to resist from letting it out.

Having said that, crying for days together can be harmful too as it has the danger of the person going into depression. In this situation, it is best to divert yourself by keeping your mind busy with some interesting tasks and thinking happy thoughts. It is all about manipulating your brain. Act as if you are happy and your innocent brain believes you 🙂

Before I end this post, wanted to quote this beautiful statement :

“perhaps our eyes need to be washed by our tears once in a while, so that we can see Life with a clearer view again.”