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Are Vampires a myth or not sure. But I do know that the most famous of all the monsters is a Vampire. Particularly after Stephanie Meyer’s “Twilight” series, Vampires have become the object of desire and the dream guy for all the girls.

I have tried to do a bit of research about vampires on net. Most of the places they are described as dangerous, blood-sucking monsters. Not interesting!!! But do they really exist?? Are they just another rumor/hype which got blown-up over centuries??

But I definitely like the modern version of Vampires. Coming to Stephanie Meyer’s version of Vampires…the cool, mystic Edward Cullen – the quintessential romantic guy who loves Bella so much that he is ready to give up his immortal life for her. So… vampires are attractive, they glow in sun light, do not age and they can make you a vampire by taking blood from you.

Another Vampire that struck me is Damon Salvatore of L.J.Smith’s book/serial “Vampire Diaries”. All the vampire fans, must watch this serial and I promise, you will fall for this hunk. He is smart, witty, charming, dangerous and all that is required for an alluring vampire. In this version, vampires can move in sun light if they have a ring made of Lapis-Lazuli (blue color gem stone), they can be killed by stabbing with a wooden stake.They also do not age, but cant tolerate Vervain.

Whatever versions people come-up with, the common features in summary are that they do not age, are seductive, charming, do not sleep in the night and feed on blood. Inspite of the dark side, these mystic creatures always seem to ignite the creative imagination of many writers and the dreams of many young girls.

Here are some vampire jokes also for you to enjoy


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