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one fine day, on a misty morning
I came across this stranger, luking at me & smiling

his eyes twinkled with innocent mischief
his smile sparkled with love

‘u r the most beautiful of His creations..
the fairest maiden of all’ , he said

I knew it was a lie, but refused to believe
my heart skipped a beat & my cheeks blushed

the pleasant cool breeze playing with my hair
and the happy sing-song of the chirping birds

the moment felt beautiful and perfect
enticing me to freeze the time for over years

he gently touched my hand and gazed at me
I closed my eyes and let the moment devour me

a dream so beautiful, so good to be true..
but the feeling is real, & for life I will hold on to


5 thoughts on “Dream

  1. Is this written by you?! Lovely and sweet poem. Simple and delicate use of words makes it easy to understand your real dream! Wonderful and keep more of it coming, all the best! šŸ™‚


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