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Joy of Giving

All across the Indian sub-continent, the week of October 2nd to October 8th is celebrated as the “Joy of Giving week”.  People across the county are gearing up to reach out to the society and do all that they can to bring a difference in someone’s life. I came across this fact through facebook and was thrilled by the idea.

I am sure all of us have a soft corner in our heart and would love to do something for the less privileged. Just that we are busy with the daily din and bustle of life and do not have time to think about it. This concept of JGW is a kind of reminder to those of us who are waiting for a chance to do our part.

There are lot of initiatives taken by many organizations (including the organization I am working in) to encourage people and pave path for them to be able to make a difference to the society. There are ad-films on TV too urging people to participate in this endeavor.

Last year, The Joy of Giving Week rallied over one million volunteers to the cause of giving; spread over 70 cities; touched about 1,700 schools and 250 colleges; and raised over INR 30 Crore in cash and kind.

I am being a part of the team in my organization, which is promoting the “Joy of Giving week” organization-wide ( to collect clothes, toys , books, blankets and donate them to the NGOs). I have decided to collect all the unused clothes hiding in my wardrobe and donate them.

So, what are you doing this week????

Remember…. Your little act of kindness can make a big difference to someone!


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