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Miss u sagi…


The last couple of days, there have been million moments I missed you…         miss_you_graphics_9

The last few years has been sooo fun-filled and memorable… as I recall each memory, I have a smile on my face, but tears in my eyes at the same time…I am going to miss your company..

You were there for me, when I needed someone the most.. You helped me divert my thoughts with your blabber and lightened my mood with your smile..


The night-outs we put watching Korean serials and eating “ramyun” in the middle of the night…The absolute nightmare after that when we realized the house was flooded with water…all the fun we had watching girly movies…

?????????????????????????????????????our rendezvous with various recipes and trying to perfect them…



depositphotos_8494045-Two-Girls-Shopping-Togetherfrequent shopping sprees, how we used to gift each other dresses so that we don’t feel bad of buying it ourselves…the long chats in the food court of park square mall… watching every latest movie released in our “home theatre”… the infinite time we spent in reliance timeout and landmark, savoring all the books available there…


eating outcaramel custard and tender coconut soufflé in Benitos.. Chocolate fountain at Indijoes… our antakshari sessions whenever there was a power-cut…


1107048-Clipart-Friends-Giving-Gifts-To-A-Birthday-Girl-At-A-Party-Royalty-Free-Vector-Illustrationthe surprise parties we used to plan for birthdays and the perfect schedule we used to plan for pachu’s frequent visits to Bangalore…


A young woman clears away the toys after her babythe thorough clean-up session of house, the day before mom’s visit to make her happy….



Bas yaadein..yaadein…yaadein reh jaati hein….

9366314-two-young-beautiful-women-shopping-togetherWoh choti..choti…baatein reh jaati hein….




Though we miss you a lot here….we know now is the time for you to start a new page in life…. As you embark on the journey of your dreams…wishing you all the happiness in life….163012_181150835250897_100000679458833_459379_3730069_n

Love u lots… u will be missed a looooot….


11 thoughts on “Miss u sagi…

  1. happy to read and imagine the life that both of you enjoyed, however, God has a purpose, hope both will fulfil the same in the current roles and find more solemates than before. Cheeeeeeeeeeeerup girls, lot more to share now which is wider than four walls. gear up again 🙂 love u all.


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