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Divine indication

Shiv_Mandir_BangaloreToday I have been to the Kempfort Shiva temple after many many years.. I have always loved this temple for the peaceful atmosphere it has.. I just love sitting before the magnificient idol, admiring the sheer beauty of the divine…close my eyes and talk to the almighty about my problems and anything and everything..

Today visiting the temple after soo many years was a refreshing thing I noticed today was the divine threads being sold near the Ganesha idol… These threads are expected to rid us of our problems, once they are tied near the idol. And I couldnt help but notice there must be millions of such threads tied there. That reminded me that every individual in this world has some or the other problem (or thinks he has a problem) and seeks divine interference.. I realized, no one is alone in experiencing problems.. it is a part of life and we must learn to smile and overcome the hurdles, with a bit of divine blessings 🙂



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