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Power of sub conscious mind



I have started reading this book on power of sub conscious mind. I have been lately having lot of negative thoughts and needed some source to push my mind to think positive. This was the first book I could lay my hand on and it turned out to be absolutely rewarding.

I have hardly read 40 pages of the book, but I feel so good already. It’s very interesting to know the working of the sub conscious mind. I just couldn’t stop myself from writing about what I learnt so far.

So..apparently our mind has two layers – the conscious and the sub conscious. The conscious mind is the outer layer which is like the decision maker. It is the rational part of the brain which questions, analyzes and argues all the ideas you present to it. Me and my sister named it as the manager. Once it decides on something, it then presents it to the subconscious mind to implement.

The subconscious mind is the dumb one, which cannot think. It can just accept commands and blindly implements them, no matter what. For example, if you are going out on a winter night and ask yourself, do I need to carry my coat? The conscious mind may tell, “If you don’t have the coat, you may freeze to death” .

If you agree to that, then you are sure going to freeze if you forget your coat. But if you tell yourself “No, I don’t need the coat. It is not too cold and I can bear it”. Convince yourself with this idea, then you are going to be perfectly fine. It may sound a bit confusing, but once you try it – you will get a hang of it.

There have been multiple experiments made to prove this theory. A person was put in a hypnotized state and was repeatedly told that he was feeling hot and sweating. The person immediately started sweating profusely, even when he was made to sit on an ice cube. Such is the power of the subconscious mind.

During hypnosis, mind is in trance state where conscious mind is in sleep state. So whatever ideas is suggested, there is no gate keeper (conscious mind) to analyze or reject. Hence it gets immediately accepted by the subconscious mind.

You can implant any idea, however irrational it is. If you keep repeating the idea, your subconscious mind believes in it and starts working on it. It uses all the energy in the universe and within you to be able to accomplish the task it has been assigned. Sounds unbelievable, but has been proven to work. Research say that if you know to control your subconscious mind, then you can do wonders – can read a letter from a sealed envelope, read a person’s mind, cure an incurable ailment …

I have heard of ancient sages (rishis) able to read others mind, able to create or destroy things. It could be that through meditation, they have gained that control over their mind to be able to do anything they want to.

For normal people like us, how is this knowledge useful ?  If you are sad or depressed, tell yourself “am happy..I am very happy” and your mind thinks and believes that and implements it.

“Determination” is nothing but strongly deciding on something. It gets imprinted on S.C. mind and hence is achieved eventually.

One caution is not to think negative. For example, I keep thinking everyday that I am becoming though I eat less, my mind believes I am becoming fat and makes me fatter. Instead try thinking “I am becoming thin. Everyday I am losing some calories”, then you will see amazing results 🙂

The key is to completely believe in what you want to achieve. Only then, your sub conscious mind will listen to you 🙂

So ..hope this knowledge will help everyone.. Good luck 🙂


8 thoughts on “Power of sub conscious mind

  1. After long time, but surely it was nice post and something which I really needed at a time when lot of negativity is corrupting me too. Since sometime I am feeling if I can do this or if I can’t do that but this post gives me feel good factor about whats going inside and how I can overcome my fears 🙂 Thanks a lot for sharing 🙂


  2. there is one more layer called super conscious,it leads to soul and self realiazation,the layer
    used by saints.repeating words are nothing but affirmations,means make it firm and that to be
    implant at the super conscious level.normal people like us and everyone can achieve that
    super conscious stage by simple to do that read this book
    ‘scientific healing affirmations by paramahansa yogananda’
    u can get it from any online bookstore


  3. antahkarana The inner concious — the Mental faculty of body, comprising intellect, instinct and ego. It consists of
    1. manas -the mind,
    2. chitta -the memory,
    3. buddhi -the intellect
    4. ahańkāra -the ego.

    Smaskara( Impressions) are part of Memory, basically that is what is Subconcious.. Its the culimination of exprience, impression working to give us signals..


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