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Art of sketching

IMG_1533I am always fascinated about pencil sketches. I was not sure how to train myself for the same. Luckily found an online video on pencil sketching and started off with it immediately.

Initially I took printouts of the picture to be sketched, traced the outline and concentrated solely on the shading part. That was pretty tough too. To identify which part of the face had to be dark or light, creating the texture of the skin, the effect of light on the face, the shadows, trying to put life in the eyes and most importantly the hair, which I still need to work on.

Tried to take a step forward, I ditched the printouts and tracing. I am trying to create the outline looking at the photo itself, which I must say is very very very difficult. I realize we need lot of observation skills and sense of dimensions. The shape of the face, the expression, the size of the eyes, the distance between the eyes, the length of the nose, the lips, the location of each of these features on the face – believe me, it is so so difficult. I can now appreciate the skills of all the artists who can sketch people watching them live.

My first two attempts have been not so great!! Though the sketch came out well, it doesn’t completely resemble the object of interest. I need more and more practice to be able to create the perfect portrait, resembling the actual photo.

Then comes my next goal of being able to sketch a person directly. There is still a long way to go, but I will try to keep up and reach it πŸ™‚

This blog is dedicated to all the wonderful artists out there who have the amazing skills of capturing beauty in their canvases.


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