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Class 1


One fine day, we all members of Project LOTUS have decided to start spoken English classes for the 5th std kids of government schools. These kids are not very familiar with the language and are infact scared of it.We have to admit that English is a very important medium of communication in India. Every job needs them to know English.

The living conditions and the environment around these kids doesn’t allow them to come across this language as often. Hence it is an alien subject for them. Also, they do not have educated parents who can help them out. Our intention was to make them familiar to the language, so that the scare inside them is gone. This will help them in studying and understanding their academic subjects well and as they grow they will be ready for the society which expects everyone to know English.

However, we were not sure what to teach them, how to start and where to start. There was no such definite material online which was intended for such kids who are completely new to this language. We had to teach them slowly, making sure it sinks into them. In this process we started developing our own content.

I have decided to put it here in my blog so that it may help anyone else with the same interest. Any feedback to improve this material, is welcome 🙂

Class 1

–          Show the video which focuses on pronouns. You need not tell them they are called pronouns. Repeat the video and make them repeat each and every sentence in the video.

–          Pick up the new words that are related to the topic. Explain them each of the word and its meaning. Make the sentences with the words and explain meaning., Encourage them to make new sentences with the words.

  • words:
    • I
    • You
    • He
    • She
    • They
    • We
    • It
  • I am a student
  • You are a good boy/gal
  • He is a boy
  • She is a girl
  • We are happy
  • They are jumping
  • It is a pencil

Encourage them to ask questions. Help them choose the right word. Depending on how soon they pick up, this class can be repeated in the next class too, so that they remember the words well.


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