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Love Love Love :)


My sketch on the occasion of valentines day 🙂 🙂  .. saw this pic somewhere on net and loved it…tried to re-create it 🙂

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AK67 :)

Delhi CM Arvind Kejriwal Funny Cartoon HD Best Wallpapers

After AAP’s tremendous victory in Delhi, AAP and Arvind Kejriwal are all over the news. I personally am really happy to see AAP win.

More than anything, I have great respect for this man – Arvind Kejriwal. Even in the past, he has been been fighting for people through his NGO and played a greater role in getting the RTI.  He was a common man fighting for common man’s rights. There are many of us who think all the politicians are corrupt and one among us should become the government.  He made it true.

Inspite of his mistake in the past, he did not give up. There are many examples in history when people started a new party and as it failed, they combine with any major party (Congress or BJP) and enjoy being one of the MP/MLA. This man did not give up and inspite of everyone writing down his party, he re-emerged victorious.

A party formed out of volunteers and no experienced politician is a novel and fresh idea for our country. It was refreshing to see many young people – common man, taking to streets to support the party. Even during election rallies, people saw common man and not the “politician”. AAP has been open to recruit common people into their party. They have been transparent and we can see it to some extent on their website. Overall the party seems to be genuine and relatively clean compared to the existing political parties.The fact that many people trusted the party to donate funds for it also says a lot!

Before the elections when I was discussing with my friends, all of us felt that AAP deserves a “second chance”. Kejriwal’s dramatic resignation last time during his tenure as Delhi CM was a very grave mistake. For a common man, it meant their trust being broken, when they have stepped forward and supported a completely new party.

But Kejriwal coming forward and apologizing to the voters of Delhi must have earned him some empathy. If not trust, people have given him a second chance. Though BJP has been riding on Modi wave, the voters are smarter to not be biased by it. After all, Modi can’t be both PM and CM. Congress wiping out from politics is another plus point for AAP, all the voters of congress have moved to AAP.

Also, having the same party at centre and at Delhi may cause BJP to sit back and do nothing as there is no one to question or challenge them. Now, having AAP at state, will kind of bring BJP out of their comfort zone and force them to be alert and put some efforts.

So the pressure is on Kejriwal now to utilize the second chance and prove his party’s worth. He needs to learn from his past mistakes. He needs to accept that he is the CM and respect the post. He cannot expect that things will magically work, just because he is the CM. He needs to be patient and trust the system and get things done tactfully. With an able Prime minister like Modi and the AAP at Delhi, it will really be a good competition among the two parties to prove themselves. I hope India will get good, corruption free and development driven government through this.

PS: the views expressed are personal and not to hurt any sentiments.

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happy valentines week :)

Hi everyone,

I am back on wordpress 🙂 …Thought what could be a better time than this Valentine week 🙂

Love is in the air !!! In TV , on internet and all around u … It feels sooo nice 🙂 … I would say whether it is borrowed from western culture or not, why not embrace it as long as it gives you happiness

Be it spending the week planning for the D-Day or preparing small hand-made gifts for your loved ones , or doing things to catch the attention of the person you like..or even just secretly admiring your crush – it is all beautiful, as long as you think so 🙂 🙂  !!!

Happy Valentines day to all !!!! Enjoy this song for the upcoming day of love !! 🙂 .. Wishing everyone years and years of love 🙂 🙂 🙂