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My new sketch of pavan kalyan :)

Saturday night at almost 8 as I sat down before d laptop to work..there is this power cut (again)… This time I decided to not wait for d power to come my pencil,book and a pic of pavan on laptop 🙂 after arnd 2 hours, this is wat I have 🙂 ..

Being a huge fan of him, I wondered how I missed making his sketch..Not as dashing nd smart as pavan kalyan, but am quite happy wid it..:) 🙂 🙂


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Sketch of Aishwarya

I was browsing through my sketches to post one here and realized, the last sketch I made was last August, almost a year back :O  . Time to take some pencils and sit down for some sketching this weekend 🙂 .. Till then, here is a sketch (or I should say attempt) made by me last May. Not exactly as beautiful as Aishwarya, but I guess it is close enough 🙂


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Mom, us nd cooking :)


Yesterday we were watching this movie-Julie and Julia and were totally inspired by it. For those who saw d movie, you know how its all about cooking and food 🙂 🙂 ..

then it occured to me nd my sisters, that why dont we recreate the recipes of our mother- same as Julie does.

So we digged and found the old note book of mom, which has all the recipes she has noted down years and years before and ofcourse she is just a phone call away to assist us. Now our target it to recreate each of the recipe and blog about it.

We already have a cooking blog, so we figured why not open a new section to blog about authentic recipes of mom. Its not going to be easy!! Wish us all the best 🙂

Here is where it is going to be:

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New hope!!



When u see a new life budding, its really beautiful nd heartening!!  Last month, we were out on a vacation for a week, and forgot to take care of d plants 😦

They were all dried up by d time v came back!! It was very sad.. We decided not to lose hope..we cud see a bit of green inside d dried stem..we cleared d dried leaves and diligently watered d plants twice everyday..

The result- yesterday v saw beatuiful little green leaves coming out of the brown dried seemed magical!! 

It was lyk a lesson nature was teaching us – never lose hope, keep trying nd d magic wil appear one day 😊😊😊  

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girls night in :)


This long weekend was well spent for me, with the first day being spent as a girls night in 🙂 ..It has been really long since we did something like that, it was not planned and it was absolute fun 🙂 …

All three of us were completely occupied with office work and three days holidays seemed like a respite to us. The whole day was well spent with friends and we three girls reached Mitu’s house to spend the night.

We cooked nice spicy kichdi and then our discussions started while we ate. We stayed awake till late night talking about all the stuff in the world… Right from our college days, to crushes, office, dresses, shopping blah blah – sharing, analyzing, commenting, gossipping and most of all, having the best time in many years 🙂 …

The next morning we woke up late after a nice long sleep…To top it we had nicee tea and thepla for breakfast 🙂 🙂 …it was the best start to a long weekend …

Oh what fun it was !!! Looking forward to more such fun times with you girlies 🙂 🙂