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girls night in :)


This long weekend was well spent for me, with the first day being spent as a girls night in 🙂 ..It has been really long since we did something like that, it was not planned and it was absolute fun 🙂 …

All three of us were completely occupied with office work and three days holidays seemed like a respite to us. The whole day was well spent with friends and we three girls reached Mitu’s house to spend the night.

We cooked nice spicy kichdi and then our discussions started while we ate. We stayed awake till late night talking about all the stuff in the world… Right from our college days, to crushes, office, dresses, shopping blah blah – sharing, analyzing, commenting, gossipping and most of all, having the best time in many years 🙂 …

The next morning we woke up late after a nice long sleep…To top it we had nicee tea and thepla for breakfast 🙂 🙂 …it was the best start to a long weekend …

Oh what fun it was !!! Looking forward to more such fun times with you girlies 🙂 🙂


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