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Donating Blood

For the first time, I have gone through this wonderful experience of donating blood. I always wanted to do it, but was apprehensive. Thanks to my friends who joined me for the donation, I felt positive. There was this blood donation camp in my office and me and my friends decided to do it this time at any cost.

The entire procedure took less than 30 mins. It was properly organized, starting with us filling a short form with our medical details, followed by a small test to check our hemoglobin levels, checking temperature and Blood Pressure. Only when these are normal you are advised to go ahead for donation. We were attentive and observed that the needles were sterilised and used one per person. The actual blood tranfer took less than 15 mins. It pricks a little when syringe is injected, but it is same as what we feel during any blood test. So, it doesnt pain much as is the common fear. By the time, I looked here and there and chatted with my friend, the transfer was done. 

I was given a donor card and asked to sit down while they came and gave some biscuits and juice. It felt really good, satisying and proud 🙂 .This blood could save somone in need someday.

Here are some doubts of mine regarding this which got clarified in this process. Only 350ml (1 pint ) of blood is taken at a time. It is only 1/6 or even less of the total blood we have in our body. So the donation doesnt really make us sick or affect us. The lost blood is recovered within 4-5 days. We just have to refrain from doing heavy tasks on the day of the donation.

Drinking lot of fluids will help. Just be careful and note that the needles are sterilized and not re-used. 

Remember that blood cannot be created. It can only be given by a healthy person.Infact a person can donate every month. Supposedly it also helps the donor, as new blood is formed.

Respect for all those who have & have been donating blood and helping save lives…

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I am no expert to write about depression or to give any advice on this. But based on my own experience from seeing people around me, these are some things I have learned to cheat the depression 🙂 . Just thought of penning down my thoughts.

The “D” word :-O  :images (2)

First of all, the word “depression” has been hyped a lot nowadays and personally, that does scare me – as if some major ailment has caught hold of me. But let us think of it this way, it is plain being sad when you are hurt ( or let us think of it that way – sounds much better, doesn’t it ?! ).  Being humans, we are bound to be emotional and respond to situations or people. At times, when something undesirable happens, we are bound to get sad. For example, when we were kids and we lost our favorite toy, we did get sad and cried over it, dint we? Did we call that depression?? Then why call it that way now??

Be soft on yourself:

I have seen many people (including me) complain “I am going into depression ! What should I tumblr_inline_nl6d4kKCsg1t5e46pdo? I don’t know.. I am clueless? “ .. You dont have to feel helpless or anxious. What I realized is, Its OK! It is perfectly OK to not know. You don’t have to be in control all the time. It is fine to lose control at times.

I know how it feels. You feel as if you are lost and though you want to come out of it, you just get stuck in the loop of thoughts. You keep thinking – “I have been so brave in the past, I have faced many things and achieved a lot in the past, why am I like this now? What happened to me? Is something wrong with me??”

Do not be so harsh on yourself. Do not doubt yourself.  You have been so strong in the past, you 241847949are bound to get tired and you need some rest for a while. That is all, it is. There is nothing
wrong with you. Imagine you are on a trek and you are all energetic for the first few kilometers. Then you get tired and push yourself and achieve a bit more. Then comes a point where you want to sit, take rest and leap back with energy. This is that phase of resting, is what I feel.

Give yourself the chance to take rest. Realize that very soon, it is going to pass. It is all going to be fine after a few days. You just have to trust that and not worry much about your current state.

One day you may feel all happy and positive – enjoy that day. Do not go about thinking “why did I waste my time yesterday crying over nothing? Why was I depressed? Will I get into depression again “ … Forget about it. Just enjoy the positive vibes, smile a lot, spend time with friends and have fun.

Divert yourself:walkinpark

If you feel you are not in a good mood, try to cut the train of thoughts and do something you like. Some hobby or music or dance or just catching up with friends or shopping. Anything you know will make you feel better for the time being. Go out and take a walk in a park or sit on the sands of a beach. Nature is the best soothing agent. Spend time with babies, their smiles can definitely put a smile on your face. Learn something new. Talk to your friends/loved ones. Talk to them about the issue bothering you or talk about anything and everything unrelated.

It might happen, that you feel down once you are done with the diversion and back home. It is perfectly fine. Don’t badger yourself thinking why it is not helping, why am I back to being sad. Just think about the good times you had.

Understand that people care for you:M_Id_336653_friends

Generally, you feel very lonely and would like to talk to someone during this time. Often there is only one or a few set of people whom you like to confide in. It may happen that you may end up pestering these poor people everyday about how you are so depressed, how you don’t know what to do blah blah. Most of the people do not know how to handle such situations. They may end up giving genuine suggestions or solutions to your problems, when all you were expecting from them is some comforting. I understand how it feels – you may feel “don’t I know the solution? I am still sad and that is what is depressing me. I dont need advice, I need comfort“ ..Do not get angry with them or worse, angry with yourself for not being able to follow the solution. Understand that they only mean well to you. Realize how there are people who really care for you and relish it.

Forgive and forget:images (3)

Anger, hatred are the major things that worsen depression. Try to let go of them. It is not easy, but once you put efforts, it is not impossible. Understand one concept, that you do not want to hurt yourself for the sake of others who hurt you or situations that hurt you. You are the only one who can take care of yourself. You are precious and love yourself.

Don’t hide:

You don’t have to hide your emotions and pretend to be fake happy infront of your friends and family. Sharing only lessens the stress. Do not hesitate to seek medical help. After all medication only helps you get better.

Depression might be a much bigger issue than what I have written so far and not that simple. But it is all perception, isn’t it? And thinking this way does simplify the issue.  So, why not ? 🙂