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Donating Blood

For the first time, I have gone through this wonderful experience of donating blood. I always wanted to do it, but was apprehensive. Thanks to my friends who joined me for the donation, I felt positive. There was this blood donation camp in my office and me and my friends decided to do it this time at any cost.

The entire procedure took less than 30 mins. It was properly organized, starting with us filling a short form with our medical details, followed by a small test to check our hemoglobin levels, checking temperature and Blood Pressure. Only when these are normal you are advised to go ahead for donation. We were attentive and observed that the needles were sterilised and used one per person. The actual blood tranfer took less than 15 mins. It pricks a little when syringe is injected, but it is same as what we feel during any blood test. So, it doesnt pain much as is the common fear. By the time, I looked here and there and chatted with my friend, the transfer was done. 

I was given a donor card and asked to sit down while they came and gave some biscuits and juice. It felt really good, satisying and proud 🙂 .This blood could save somone in need someday.

Here are some doubts of mine regarding this which got clarified in this process. Only 350ml (1 pint ) of blood is taken at a time. It is only 1/6 or even less of the total blood we have in our body. So the donation doesnt really make us sick or affect us. The lost blood is recovered within 4-5 days. We just have to refrain from doing heavy tasks on the day of the donation.

Drinking lot of fluids will help. Just be careful and note that the needles are sterilized and not re-used. 

Remember that blood cannot be created. It can only be given by a healthy person.Infact a person can donate every month. Supposedly it also helps the donor, as new blood is formed.

Respect for all those who have & have been donating blood and helping save lives…


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