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Experience of life time-The Himalayan trek- the highs (days 3&4)

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Day 3:

The next day mrng v woke up to d voices of ppl wide awake wid lot of energy.. V came out of tent, kept our gloves,socks, shoes fr drying in d sun nd took a cupl of pics..tht was wen v realized wat a beautiful view we had frm our tent-beautiful snow mountain right infront of us..

Then Dinesh bhaiya frm the other camp came nd called us to join them..3 of us stood ther scared about hw v r gng to cover d trek of two days on a single day, hw d new group is gng to was a bunch of 30 ppl all frm tamilnadu, speaking to each other in tamil, which v felt they wer talking about us..

Rashish, the TL introduced us to d group nd said dat “it is quite ok to discontinue if health doesnt permit..mountains will always b ther but v hafto b alive to come back again to them”..really felt gud hearing tht..

Then v started d trek with Rick (ATL) leading us…pratyu almost fell in d first river crossing…v thot she wud get demotivated, but somehow she was among d leading group after tht…slowly I started d ascent losing breath again on d I sat down to catch breath,rashish asked me if I was OK..I told tht I hav problems wid breathing during ascent and he said “it is normal fr some ppl to feel tht way..u shud take rest nd join when fine”…As I started back, Shama bhaiya was ther accompanying us…it was mostly descent and I was doing fine…on d way some ppl frm d grp chatted along introducing themselves and it was good…at one point when I was trying to jump down a stone holding another stone, Rick said “u must belive in yourself…u can jump down without any support easily..just giv a try”…and I was able to do it!! I remembered those words throughout d trek nd felt more positive nd confident..

I wished I cud hear such motivating words on d way to hampta..when self motivation is low, every one needs some bit of external motivation…I felt really good, confident and high spirited wid this new group πŸ™‚ …for some part of d trek I was in d leading group being led by Dinesh bhaiya…Dinesh bhaiya is just awesome!! We chatted with him while v went ahead and whenever ther was a tricky jump, he used to say “daro mat..dar ke aage jeet hein”…nd I wud say “bhaiya mountain dew nai hein na..tho darr lagega hi”…to which he replied “yaha ka pani piya hein na..woh mountain dew se better hein ” πŸ™‚ …

Then again ther was ascent nd I stopped to catch breath nd sravs was behind me..then v slowly set to walk nd saw tht whole grp siting ther waiting fr rest of us..v sat down and one of them gav some stuff to eat..then as v moved ahead, v saw our first glacier stretch..however ther was no river at the end of was only snow all around…v carefully moved ahead using our heels as instructed and shama bhaiya was ther to support us when needed..towards the end of d stretch I was slipping a bit in d I asked Dinesh bhaiya if I cud just sit down and slide and he said “haan, kyu nahi”… I slided thru d snow nd it was fun !!! Β Then Rick asked if I wanted to slide more, he asked me to hold his ice axe nd v went running up on the snow mountain…there he asked to hold his axe and lie on my back and he went down hill running and I was sliding thru d snow, it was soooo much fun…cupl of others also did snow sliding..I realized I started enjoyind the trek now and have happy memories to carry forward…

Then v moved ahead crossing rocks nd tracks nd rechd a point again wher group was waiting for d rest..v sat there, did some chatting, we talked to some trekkers going towards hampta, wished them luck and cheered them..then we started again on the trek and soon after sravs fell down a rock nd twisted her ankle…

Rick and 4 other fello trkkers stopped to take care..pratyu was asked to go ahead and not wait as her shoes were wet..4 ppl were doctors there, one of them asked for a bandage and got volini nd bandage…one of them tied bandage and another gave her tablet…It felt so nice to see them staying back with us to take care..

Sravs was accompanied by Shama bhaiya who made sure she was doing fine…I was moving ahead on my own chatting wid other trekkers on d way,feeling more confident…there was one uncle 50+ Doing d trek, and it great that he was accompanied by someone frm indiahikes all d time…It was very inspiring to see him…Then the fun part started when me and sravs were totally exhausted nd started taking long breaks..we were almost the last ones..Rick stayed back waiting for us patiently nd helping sravs to walk with her injury..v chatted on d way, came to knw he is frm kolkatta nd learnt cupl of bengali lines frm him..whenever v crossed some tricky part, he appreciated nd I felt even more positive..sravs was totally hungry nd was behaving so funnily, it was hilarious watching Rick trying to get her complete d trek πŸ™‚ …sravs made my trek back even more fun

Finally v rechd the camp site in Jobra which was very beautiful with greenery around..v just lied down on d grass there even before going to the tents..there was orange juice,pineapple juice, watermelon nd hot chowmein waiting for us…v ate our heart full,chatting with rashish nd others nd njoing the beauty of nature…never felt so much better nd positive

We got to the tent,setup things nd had a short nap..then everyone were called out fr dinner and camp fire…the dinner was tasty rajma chawal nd some kullu special curry…it was awesome…dinesh bhaiya chatted while v had dinner nd then camp fire started…

evwryone got around dancing for peppy tamil numbers…I joined the group too nd v danced fr some bollywood numbers also..then the bhaiyas taught us some traditional himachal dance with d song…it was fun till late night…then I went to get drinking water nd chatted with the bhaiya who cooked fr us..all of them were soo sweet nd friendly.. Then had a good happy sleep…

Day 4:

Woke up at 5 itself all fresh nd happy!!! Came out of camp nd chatted with bhaiyas while having nice hot black tea…chatted with the others for sometime..3 of us sat on d stone having our breakfast nd reflecting on last cupl of days..then we packed our sleeping bags nd were out for a quick get together of d group…v clicked pics wid everyone,all bhaiyas nd TLs nd group nd set for our trip back to base where jeeps are waiting..

While we got on the jeep I realized how different last few days were…inspite of d complaints nd difficulties, it was something new I tried for d first time…away from d world,internet, phone calls…just me and nature…bonding with strangers, some bitter-sweet memories…in the end its an awesome experience…no regrets, all happies in d end

Recommend everyone to try it out…prepare yourself with cardio nd proper excercise to be fit enough..not only physically but mentally strong too πŸ™‚

nature is caring,nurturing and beautiful but wild too…It was awesome to stay close to nature for few days away from the din and bustle and mad run fr jobs nd deadlines of city life
To end this post I would like to quote Sravs…as we sat on the rock on the last day eating our breakfast, she looks at the sky and says this –

“nature is beautiful…but it is wild and powerful at d same time ”


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