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Happy Friendship Day !!!!

This friendship day, as I was searching for images to send a wishing message to all my friends, I came across this message (google images). This made me thinking how there are so many friends, some who walk in and out of our life, some who still stay – but all of them have a piece of memory in our heart which is precious and memorable… Am sure all of us can identify to this. This post is my tribute to all my friends who have made my life special and all those in future who are going to πŸ™‚


To our parents (mom and dad) who are our first ever friends in this world… They are the ones who first played all our stupid games with us – being our host in our toy tea party, eating the imaginary food we cooked, being our student when we played teacher teacher, being the horse when wanted a horse ride and many many more πŸ™‚

To our siblings who have and will always be our friends forever..from the time we played with dolls, to backing up each other when we made any stupid mistake, discussing exams/studies, sharing teenage crushes or the class stories, career guidance to relationship advices and alltime secret keepers..siblings are our forever friends πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚


Our first cousins, whom we used to look forward to spend time during holidays..staying awake late nights discussing horror stories, playing all kinds of games and finally crying during the end of vacation…happy friendship day to them πŸ™‚



Our school friends with whom we played lot of games, fought a bit, studied together,played pranks in class together..the innocent friendship:) πŸ™‚


That mysterious guy who followed u to college everyday and tried all attempts to come to ur notice..that guy u had crush on, talkin to whom gave butterflies in your stomach πŸ™‚


Your hostel roommates, who are more than just friends..who become your mother,father,sister/brother-your family infact…the nite outs,bunking classes and movie marathons, outings to college canteen, group study sessions,serious career discussions or teasing each other with thar guy in class ..its alll soo memorable πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚


Β The team mates who make ur work life interesting and motivating πŸ™‚ ..the enthu gang who hav common interests be it trekking,travelling,treats or social cause..




Those friends who stayed with you during tough times and help you get through Β Β Those friends who drifted far away with time..and though we talk once in a year, with whom u always feel as if it was just yesterday you talked to



Your girl gang with whom you go shopping,discuss boys, have late night sessions, gossip and have fun..who cal u to find out if you are ok just seeing ur watsap status or a share on facebook πŸ™‚ ..those who listen to your complaints and cribbings without judging you at all.


That special someone, who put so much efforts to win your heart and made you feel special about urself..who makes u discover many new things about yourself and makes you want to spend a lifetime together πŸ™‚




And am sure your son/daughter, who will be your best friends in future, sharing things with you..teaching you new things about gadgets and technology, trying their best to keep you happy πŸ™‚



Happy friendship day to all those who hold a special memory in my heart.. Feeling blessed πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚