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one fine day..

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“Why do u sound so low..what is wrong” he said on the phone. I was kind of succumbing to my depression and decided to take a day off. It was one of those days when I dint feel like getting out of bed, dint feel like seeing anyone. I just wanted to stare at walls and do nothing and cry for no reason at all.

I cant say there is no reason, but there are so many stress givers that I am not able to understand the reason for the sudden change in mood. I had to call Rahul to ask him to discuss regarding a meeting. Rahul is a very good friend of mine, 7 years younger to me who is much more like a brother..He texted in the morning to check on me as I told him the night before how I felt looping into depression.

I texted back “I am taking off” and he replied “its good for you. Use the time to read your fav book or watch something or cook your fav dish…” I knew all I wanted to do was “nothing”. When I called now, he noticed the difference in my voice and said I should not stay alone at home. He said atleast lets have lunch together, mom made puris for u. I dint want to disturb his day at office, but he insisted saying “wont u do this, if I needed it someday” and I dint have an answer.

So, we went out to a mall, where outside food is allowed. On the way to the mall, he tried making conversation which I was not able to respond properly..I wondered if I am troubling him too much.. As we reached the food court, he unpacked the puris his mom gave and i had a good lunch..slowly i started sharing things and he gave his perspective which lightened by heart..

I am told many times not to be emotionally dependent, but at times like this, a good friend by the side definitely helps. Lets go for bowling, he said after we finished lunch. I said, don’t u want to go back to office. “Am not going to leave until I see the smile back in your eyes” he said. Work will always be there, but memories of bunking office for bowling will stay forever..” He said.

Thus we went ahead for bowling..initially, my score was higher than Rahul’s and we made a deal! Whoever loses the game has to do what the winner says..and who scores a strike will get an icecream from the other..only after the deal i realized how he bluffed initially and won with such a margin later..but no regrets, as I started picking the game and was happy with myself..

By the end of the game, i was beaming and surprised that i was back to normal. I dint know whether it is right or wrong to depend on someone. But the purpose of life is to be happy, so if u trust the person and it helps recover, a bit of shoulder to lean on always helps. We had our icecream and as I started back home I realized how lucky I am to find a person like him who would look after me as his own sister…how lucky to find a brother,best friend sent by God Himself!!! 🙂