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short story#1

Writing after a loooong gap.. trying to get back to this habit of writing…My first honest attempt on writing a short story.


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He dint reply to my messages since last night. May be he is busy. I decided I will take couple of hours off from office during lunch time and get him some gift. Its his birthday soon.

Rahul is my best friend, scratch that – he is more than a friend. I don’t know how to define the relation, and never thought about it. We talk almost every day and share almost everything. As I searched for gift in the Archies shop, these thoughts ran in my head. I picked up a small glass mural with some nice words about friendship written and in the end it had a line “you are special to me”. I felt that sentence summarized what exactly I felt. We are staying in the same city, but I will have to courier the gift, as we decided we will not make any conscious attempt to meet. We will let fate decide. We thought it was more fun that way.

I knew Rahul from last three years, an accidental online friend, who became a chat buddy, then a phone friend and then a best friend. We shared our thoughts, ideas, happiness, sorrows – and talked almost every day. It was a unique friendship and special in its own way.

As I reached office, I tried calling him couple of times but no response. I sent couple of text messages, but in vain. I wondered what went wrong. As I reached home in the evening, I received a text message from him. Looking at his name on my phone, I felt a tinge of joy. I was all ready to fight with him that how could he be so busy to not respond to my calls since yesterday.  As I opened the text, it said “Hi, I am a friend of Rahul, sending this message to everyone in his contact list. He is no more due to an accident he met with last night. My condolences.”

I froze there reading the message. I wanted to read the message again, but my vision has blurred with the tears that filled my eyes. This cannot be true, he must be playing a prank on me, said my mind. I immediately called him, but there was no response. I called again hoping for the ringer to end and hear a voice, but no response again. There were million thoughts running in my head. Just today, I wanted to give him this gift and let him know he is special to me, but it never occurred to me, that his absence would hurt me so much. I felt as if I lost something very close to my heart. How could this happen, I dint even get to meet him.

I wondered where all these emotions are coming from, where are all these tears coming from. I never knew I felt so much for him. I picked up the phone again and dialled the number, a part of me knowing that there won’t be a response, but another part of me wishing for a miracle. The phone was just ringing mutely for some time and then suddenly I heard a “hello”. It was his voice..I was surprised, shocked, angry, happy all at the same time. He was saying “hello, are you there?” from the other side, but for a second I could not react. And then I started crying, crying and only crying. He started saying “sorry, sorry…dont cry..please”, but I could not react. After a couple of minutes, I could stopped crying and tried to be calm.

“I am sorry I sent a text that way. It was just a prank for couple of minutes. I was going to talk to you anyways. I got hurt last night and was in the hospital, thats why I couldn’t respond to the calls. I returned only sometime back and saw the calls on my phone. I sent this message to prank you, went to freshen up and came back and took your call. I dint imagine you would believe it. I made a terrible mistake. I am so sorry, I would never want to hurt you…” he was explaining and explaining.

it sank in that it was just a prank and all is well. I should have shouted at him, be angry at him or throw tantrums, but all I felt was gladness – a sense of peace. I was glad that he was fine. I was glad that I realized how I felt without him.  I was glad, I realized how I felt about him.