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Himalayan trek ; take-aways from my experience!


As I sat down to write about my Roopkund trek experience, I realized there is so much to write and I cannot complete it anytime soon. So, before I finish my documentation, I decided to write down a few points from my experience for the aspiring/first time Himalayan trekkers. Also, many of my friends have been asking about such treks – I hope this helps.

  1. Firstly, you MUST do a Himalayan trek atleast once. It is an experience of life time. Age is not a limit as such, if you are fit enough. Kids to elders, everyone can do it. Just choose a trek that suits your calibre.
  2. For the first timers, it is better to go through some established trekking group like “India Hikes” ( They take care of all the itinerary and you will have some experienced trek leads with you. All you have to worry is only packing your back-pack.
  3. Prepare yourself for the trek by following a workout routine atleast from one month before the trek. Focus on building your stamina.
  4. Get a medical check-up done (most of the trek groups ask for medical certificate), to make sure your health can support such high altitudes.
  5. Get all the necessary items ready – mainly layers of woolens to protect you from cold and rain, sunscreen, sunglasses, basic medication, torchlight, toilet paper
  6. If you plan to go alone, don’t worry – you will still have fun, as there will be others from the group to accompany when needed and you can be on your own whenever you feel like.
  7. There will be lot of doubts and fears for the first timers if you will be able to reach the destination or not. Forget all that. It is all about the journey rather than about the destination.
  8. Stop thinking if you will be able to reach the destination or not. Just enjoy the nature, each moment and keep moving. Take small breaks whenever you are tired, re-energize yourself with the nature around and keep moving. Remember, it is not a race.
  9. When you feel like giving up, just push yourself a little bit more and your body will surprise you.
  10. This is a perfect opportunity to meet new people from different places and different backgrounds. Make new friends ,talk to the localites, know about the history and culture of the place and enjoy every moment.
  11. For the first timers, you may find certain facilities a bit uncomfortable while camping! Try not to complain and just embrace everything as a new experience and you will love it!

If you are a nature lover, then this is the perfect way to explore the beautiful and pure terrains of Himalayas first hand. As you face the harsh weather conditions and reach the destination, the feeling of achievement is priceless. You will get a confidence that you can face any obstacle in life. You will learn a lot through the journey –  how to motivate yourself mentally, how to take care of yourself physically so that you can continue the trek for the next day, how to listen to your body when it is exhausted and take care of it, how to help others in need, how to appreciate little things in life, how many luxuries which we take for granted everyday in life are not really needed for happiness, the value of friendship and people who care for you, and at the same time, how you can be happy with yourself and how life is much beyond the rat race of earning and spending money!



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