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Learn to say NO

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Most of us have this problem of not being able to say “No” in most situations.

There could be multiple reasons behind this –

-> you don’t want to do some thing but cant say it on the face, as you don’t want to hurt the other person

-> you know you can’t do it (or don’t want to do it) but can’t say it out of fear/respect towards the other person

-> you are not sure whether you can do it, but still say ‘yes’ because you want to do it somehow (or hope to do it)

-> you don’t want to do it, but just to keep your good impression, you go ahead and say yes and don’t care much about it (thatz rude :/)

-> You think you are a super man/woman who can do anything to keep everyone happy 😛

Am sure most of us can identify ourselves in above situations. Either of the case above, what we have to realize is that, we ourselves will be the ones to bear the damage.

At work, if you commit to something and not able to perform later, it can be treated as under-performance. You will not have a chance to give explanation, as you would be told you should have fore-seen it before accepting the task (which is valid). So, its better to think in all dimensions before committing to something

In personal life too, if you commit to something and not able to do it, it can be treated as not keeping promises or not being sincere. So, instead of giving hopes and later being seen as someone who doesn’t stand by their words , its better to weigh the situation carefully before saying yes to something or someone.

Even if you cant say no as you don’t want to hurt the other person, remember that saying yes and then not keeping your word can cause more damage.

So, whatever the case may be – learn to say “No” whenever it is needed. Its OK to say NO at times !!

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Happy Sankranti :)

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 Like everytime, we came to our hometown for festival holidays and all the roads are filled with colorful rangolis wishing happy sankranti.

This took me back to my childhood days when the real celebration of sankranti was there. Sankranti is considered the biggest festival in Andhra, mainly as it is during the harvest season. Since the harvest is ready, people used to celebrate the new harvest with every member of family. 

The day before sankranti is celebrated as Bhogi, where “bhogi manta” (bon fire) is made early in the morning . It indicates burning away all the bad things of the past and start afresh for future. Beautiful rangolis are made infront of the houses.

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Then there is Hari-Dasu (considered as the Lord Narada himself) who comes to every house for a handful of grains and blesses each family with wealth and prosperity.

Image result for haridasuGangireddu is another festival speciality, in which the gangireddus (bulls decorated and worshipped – considered as Nandi – the vaahanam (vehicle) of Lord Shiva himself) are brought along with the person accompanying them (considered as Lord Shiva himself) playing beautiful songs from their melam (a percussion instrument). Every household gives some grains to the person and some clothes to cover the bull and receives blessings from them. It is considered that on the eve of the festival, Lord Shiva himself comes down with his Nandi to visit each family and bless them.

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Another specialty of the festival is lip-smacking sweets and savouries. All the members of the family sit together and make the tasty items. Also, this day of the year, everyone makes sure to remember their elders (who passed away) and give some offerings to them.

The  colorful kites flying in the skies celebrate the spirit of Sankranti. Sankranthi is all about thanking God for the happiness, celebrating new beginnings and spending time with family!!

Wish you all a Happy Sankranthi!!

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A day with the kids

Today as part of our LOTUS activities, we had a science workshop for the kids (6th and 7th). It was so much fun looking at the excitement in their eyes as they finished one experiment after other.
We have chosen simple experiments which would mainly look like toys with a concept of science behind. The kids were so excited at the working models and were also curious to know how and why it worked that way. Working with them brought out the child in us and we also had as much fun.

We had referred to this wonderful site of Aravind toys – which is about making toys from every day available materials with a simple concept of science behind. All those interested can take a look at their site :

Here are some pictures from the event…

Keep the child in you alive  🙂 🙂