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Beautiful mind..

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The other day, I got this new perfume. I love shopping for random new fragrances. The next day when I used it, the smell of the perfume, brought back the fond memories of the trip I took one year back. Then I got reminded, I used the same perfume during the trip that time. The fragrance suddenly made me feel elated, happy (the way I felt during the trip a year back)

That made me think, how beautiful our mind is. How a smell can trigger back the memories related to that and make it feel so real..take us back to those times..

Our senses are amazing, isn’t it? Listening to some songs takes us back to those times and replay those memories once again. Some memories bring tears when we miss those times or people, while some memories bring smiles to our faces as we recall the happy times. Some words/sentences remind us of the people who often use them..

The taste of Mango avakai sent by mom, brings back the memories of home. Where mom is serving avakai with ghee, sitting at home and having a sumptous lunch chatting with mom, dad and sisters.

Seeing some pictures, photos, movie scenes or some places can trigger memories associated with them. Its amazing!! While modern day digital photos can store memories, there is always limit to the storage. But our brain, there is practically no limit at all. It can save all the memories and bring back those memories along with the feel associated with them..

In awe with the beauty of our mind…beautiful!! 🙂 🙂


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