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if only…. (#short story)


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He was lying there wounded and in pain.. She wanted to go to him, but he dint let her go any closer.. She stood there staring at him helpless and hurt, seeing him suffering.. She wanted to do something, but dint know what to do.. he wouldn’t let her even move close to him .. He said “you have broken my have hurt me..all your false promises broke me used me” ..

Those words struck her heart and a sharp pain arose ..”I did not know how that happened.. I never wanted to hurt him..I had always tried my best to do all that I can, though I knew it was not enough! But I never wanted to hurt him.. I have always loved him dearly with all my heart” She thought .. She felt guilty, hurt and hopeless

She stood there staring at him with tears in her eyes and no words to defend herself.. He was bleeding and she felt of no use.. He looked at her fiercely and closed the door..For the first time she felt scared of him..She wanted to hold him and rest his head on her lap and tend to his wound, but she was not able to move even an inch .

He was angry and hurt due to her. He dint want to see her. He felt betrayed and hopeless. “I loved her so much and she dint care enough” he thought..

She sat there beside the door thinking of ways to make things right! She wanted to talk, reason out and find some way in which he would open the door and let her in.. But her brain couldn’t think of anything useful.. whatever she said sounded so lame and she was not sure if he even heard her.. Meanwhile a dull pain started in her head and she started feeling difficulty in breathing..

He was able to listen to her every word.. But he felt too numb with hurt to even respond.. He wanted her to do something.. do something and reach out to him.. Make him trust her again.. words were not enough for him…

Hours and hours went by and she couldn’t do anything.. “How can I save him just sitting here and talking.. I dont know what is going on his mind ..What can I do to fix things..” she thought

She felt weak and devoid of energy and her mind was not helping..

Feeling helpless and hopeless, she leaned against the wall and remembered all the good memories they had..

Tired and exhausted, he leaned against the wall and escaped into memories of them together..

Both of them, just remained there until they succumbed to the pain…

If only, the wall between them could be broken…