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Beautiful Munnar

I couldn’t stop myself from writing about this..Last week we visited Munnar and I absolutely fell in love with the place. The monsoons are just starting and the place looks even more beautiful with on and off showers. The lush greenery, beautiful climate will make anyone feel lost in the beauty of nature 

After what I felt in Himalayas, I felt the same amount of euphoric joy and peace in munnar.. the plantations all around are absolutely can find coffee, tea, cardamom, pepper, pineapple, jackfruit, banana, what not..Anyone planning to go for a hill station, I would definitely recommend munnar.  

We stayed at “Ambady resort ” which is a queit and peaceful estate of 125km full of plantations with just 8 cottages. They prepare all the food, organic from home grown plantation. The cottages are peaceful and interiors are beautifully decorated. 

cottage in Ambady resort

personal patio for each cottage

pineapple plant

tea plantation

coffee plants

tapioca plants

pepper plantation

jackfruit plants

athirapally watertfalls (where bahubali was shot)

Be sure to visit this place atleast once. The natural beauty is spell binding..don’t miss it..