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“Run for Nature”

Many runs keep happening in Bangalore to support various causes. I happened to be part of one such run which I really loved the cause. It was organized by “Revive Bangalore” and was to improve the green cover in Bangalore.

Though the running track was just the neighboring roads , the focus was more on promoting the cause. It is always heartening to see so much crowd in the early hours of weekend, assemble in the cold weather giving importance to fitness and health. The atmosphere is always infectious, encouraging you to not stop and motivated to keep going until you reach the finish line.

Today, at the end of the run, each and every one was given a sapling which they can take home. There were mango, guava, jamun and many other types of saplings which would grow into big trees and give good shade. Really loved this idea. After this run, each participant would plant one tree each, atleast for the sake of the free sapling they got. I gave my Jamun sapling to the apartment security bhaiyya to plant it in the garden in our apartment. That means atleast a few hundred more trees are going to get added today 🙂

I felt so happy today and couldn’t stop myself from writing about it..Hope that many such causes come forward, where health is combined with a good cause 🙂