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The Krishna Key – a gripping read!!


For all those who are interested in the connection between our mythology and history, this book would definitely appeal to them.

I am not going to reveal the story anyways. Will just give the plot outline to fuel curiosity 🙂 .
So this book is about a professor Ravi Mohan Saini who gets entangled in between a search for the four seals of dwarka left behind by Krishna himself, which apparently hold the key to something ancient and some thing of great use to makind now.

In parallel there is a person who thinks he is the Kalki Avatar and believes that he is eliminating bad by murdering people, ultimately also looking for a key.

Are they both looking for the same thing? Is he the real Kalki Avatar? What is it that is hidden away and where do the seals point to?

The narration is gripping with lot of interesting references to events of the time of Krishna, and ancient scriptures and connecting how all that is not just a mythological story but a real history. The author Ashwin Sanghi talks about how the older generation was far more technologically evolved and many of the things which are depicted as magical or heavenly in out ancient scriptures, could actually be the result of highly technological and scientific abilities which I beyond our understanding now.

The daivi astras, brahmastras said to be used during Mahabharata war could actually be some sort if nuclear weapons. It talks about the 12 jyothirlingas and how the radion degrees in these areas or so high, which could be because of the energy emanating from the material these lingas are formed with. The author says, the bilva Patra (bel leaf) is used to worship Lord Shiva as it has properties of anti radiation.

There are many such interesting references, whether they are facts or fiction am not sure. But it sure is intriguing to know these references and wonder if that could be true.

Below are some excerpts of the book (without spoiling the suspense). It’s absolutely wonderful and an interesting read.

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A change for better !?

Recently my office moved it’s location to electronic city. Now, all those who are familiar with Bangalore will know how far it is from the city. Initially we were all sceptical on how it is going to work out.
We had to catch the office bus at 6:55am. I had never woken up before 7:30 till then. I was not sure how I would accomplish this feat of waking up early, preparing breakfast and catching the bus, and most importantly catching up on sleep.

The first week was a bit hard as the whole day I felt sleep deprived. But slowly it is settling and seems to be helping me to adopt healthy habits.. waking up early, having meals on time and walking a lot. I have to walk few metres to catch the bus, walk from parking to my office tower and back , walk inside campus after lunch 😊.
Upon that, the campus is so beautiful with lots of trees, butterflies, birds, flowers – away from the noise of traffic, one just feels like taking a stroll (if only you can get time off from work 😛).

The one hour bus journey is also helping me get back to my reading and blogging 😊 . So irrespective of some inconveniences, I started loving this new campus and new change in life 😊

After all, the concept of life is to embrace new changes and find reasons to love them. 😊😊😊

(Some pics of the beautiful flowers in campus)