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Recently I have started reading this book “Lean in” by Sheryl Sandberg and I would recommend it to all the career women out there

I have read about 90 pages and I could connect to lot of things she says in it. One of the topics particularly struck a chord with me. Itseems women mostly tend to under-estimate themselves, mainly when it comes to academics or career achievements. Even if we achieve something, we mostly attribute it to external factors.

For example : when we achieve a really aggressive project deadline, most of us would attribute it to either “i got lucky” or ” worked really hard on it” or “i had lot of support from my team”.. She says, many of us secretly feel that today I got lucky and did well, but very soon in future they might know that I am not up to it. I can connect to it as I have felt that way many a times. The problem is women often underestimate themselves.

In a survey, when men were asked to rate themselves, they have rated themselves more than they are capable of, whereas women rated themselves lesser than what they are actually capable of  (as per the book). And while men attribute their success to their innate qualities like skill and talent, women attribute success to external factors…Probably this is just how women are by nature…

She says, when she offered women employees in her organization for a new job role, they are often hesitant – “am I good enough for the task?” “will I be able to handle the new role?” “I think I still have much to learn in my current role”? etc etc..

So, we women have to stop the self-doubt and keep reminding ourselves what we are capable of. Remind ourselves of our achievements and they were not just because of luck – but because we are capable.